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Detailed tuning work - the side roof covers on the car!

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2019 Mercedes Benz G500 AMG G63 W463A Mansory Widebody Tuning 6 Detail work while tuning the side roof covers on the car!

So-called side roof covers are interesting for off-road vehicles but also for other cars that want a filigree roof edge trim. However, the roof edge cladding is largely unknown and there are hardly any entries for this cover variant on the net. Also in tuning forums, the side roof covers are hardly discussed because they are completely unknown. The cover art is also known as the roof edge covering and can be found, for example, on jeeps, the Mercedes G-Class and other off-road vehicles. Such a roof edge cover is quite interesting for the tuning area and can be made of metal or plastic and carbon, for example.

Side roof cover as an upgrade option?

Side Roof Cover Tuning the roof edge Detail work when tuning the Side Roof Cover on the car!

The side roof cover is a way to visually enhance the vehicle. And that's just the main thing. The cover has no special function, unless it is added that the articles can be made from particularly robust materials. Of course, the cover only protects a small part of the car side area near the roof, which is why it is used more as an eye-catcher and optically upgrading element. If the vehicle is damaged on the roof edge, a side roof cover can be used to cover the damage. This means that no repair work is necessary, provided the damage does not go down to the bare metal. If this is the case, however, rust prevention must be carried out. Side roof covers can also be used for the purpose of repairs and at the same time you get a visual upgrade of the vehicle.

Side Roof Cover - many looks conceivable

Mansory Mercedes G Class W464 Star Trooper 20th Anniversary Edition 3 detail work while tuning the side roof cover on the car!

Side roof covers can be made directly according to customer requirements. There are hardly any offers for Side Roof Cover on the Internet, tuners like Mansory but do have them in their range. Only patient “googling” helps here. But a local tuning workshop is also a good contact for the Side Roof Cover. The roof edge covers can be made of high quality metal materials. If you want to have side roof covers individually adapted to your vehicle, you should choose materials that are weather-resistant, robust and absolutely rust-free. Metal variants should therefore be refined. For example galvanized or powder-coated. The color of the base material can also be changed using powder coating. Instead of a metal look, side roof covers can be obtained in matt black or another color. The chrome look is also feasible when producing side roof covers and stands out well from many lacquered basic colors. The optical component of the side roof cover should not be underestimated, which is why a specialist workshop should first show the customer how the cover works before making side roof covers. Using side roof covers that are painted in the vehicle color or powder-coated only really makes sense for repairs. In contrast, it is hardly noticeable visually. To separate the covers from the rest of the car, complementary colors, striking foiling or the option of anodizing be used.

further customization options for the car

2020 Mansory Mercedes G Class Star Trooper Pickup W463A Tuning 5 Detail work while tuning the side roof covers on the car!

Side roof covers serve to further personalize the vehicle. A jeep or a Mercedes G-Class with the covers stands out from the rest of the crowd. This corresponds entirely to the tuning idea, which is why side roof covers are an interesting and relatively inexpensive tuning option, for example for off-road vehicles. In order to get the side roof cover to match the vehicle, it should be asked in advance in a tuning workshop whether such adjustments to the desired vehicle are possible at all. Basically, the car should have one ex works protruding roof edge bring. But this is only the case with a few vehicles such as the Jeep Wrangler, the Mercedes G-Class and the small Suzuki Jimny.

Brabus 800 Black Gold Edition G63 Merceds Benz W463A 2 Detail work when tuning the side roof covers on the car!

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2020 Wald International Mercedes AMG G63 W463A W464 Widebody Tuning 25 Detailed work while tuning the side roof covers on the car!

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Anti Lag System 4 310x165 Detail work when tuning the side roof covers on the car!

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Tiltable loading flap, side tipper, roll-off tipper 3x4 Detail work when tuning the side roof cover on the car!

More sportiness in the footwell with chic floorboards!

Floorboards Fu% C3% 9Fboards Fu% C3% 9Fbretter 4 310x165 Detail work while tuning the side roof covers on the car!

Against "dooring accidents" - the exit warning function!

Dooring accident exit warning holl% C3% A4ndischer handle 310x165 detail work when tuning the side roof cover on the car!

Soundinferno - the CutOut system for the exhaust!

CutOut System Tuning Exhaust System e1583386774728 310x165 Detail work while tuning the Side Roof Cover on the car!

More style at the rear - the rear light cover on the car!

Rear light cover R% C3% B rear light cover 3 3x310 Detailed work when tuning the side roof cover on the car!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Detail work when tuning the side roof cover on the car!

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