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Sidepipes rock - when the fumes roar sideways

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Sidepipes tuning sports exhaust system Sidepipes rock when the fumes roar sideways

Fat exhaust pipes and four-pipe systems are absolutely trendy. In times when even a standard VW Golf R has four exhaust pipes, you can almost always in terms of exhaust system with sidepipes stand out from the crowd. Sidepipes are special exhaust systems in which the tailpipes are not attached as usual to the rear, but lurk sideways under the side skirts. This leads to a higher performance, and a distinctive, bassy sound, because in addition is usually dispensed with a rear silencer. Most of these can be found on US sports cars, such as on a Corvette C3 from the year 1969, which was optionally available ex factory with Sidepipes, one Dodge / SRT Viper or the legendary one Cobra, which was developed by Carroll Shelby. However, there were also cars with this exhaust system, which were not at all sporty, such as the Renault 4. Of the cars currently built only have the Morgan Aero 8 and the AMG models of the Mercedes G-Class about this exhaust technology.

factory installed in almost no vehicle

Sidepipes tuning sports exhaust system 2 Sidepipes rock when the fumes roar to the side
Mercedes G-Class with Sidepipes

Advantages of Sidepipes:

  • Unfiltered, honest engine sound.
  • Greasy look, which immediately gives a powerful impression.
  • In a rear-end collision, the tailpipes are not damaged.

Disadvantages of this exhaust type:

  • Sidepipes are very expensive to repair.
  • In case of damage heat development in the interior possible.
  • Very noisy engine sound, if no rear silencer is available.

There is also the disadvantage that, in most European countries, this type of exhaust does not receive road approval if it does not comply with applicable noise regulations or if the passenger side exhaust pipe is directed upwards or horizontally outwards. Especially with various US sports cars, Sidepipes, if they were not installed at the factory, a popular retrofit object, since these vehicles often have enough space between the body and ground, so that it is easily possible to attach sidepipes later. Equipped with muffler and tuned to local installation and noise regulations, there are no problems with the TÜV, and you have something very special that you can be proud of as a vehicle enthusiast.

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