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Crazy: Sideway cars - what variants are there?

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Trippy Tippy Hippy Van Sideway Car Tuning Crazy: Sideway cars what variants are there?

Vehicles with so-called Face swpas are crazy. And the crazy ones are definitely a significant increase Upside-down vehicles. But then what is a sideway car? Is there a suitable name for it except maybe IRRE? We don't know, but we want to explain the boxes to you. Sideway cars are vehicles that have been converted so that they can still drive lying on their side. There are not many conversions, but some have already dared. For example, with a 1976 VW campervan that was converted in this way and applies to the category of particularly creative tuned vehicles. A well-known racing driver who is also known as Speedycop (Speedycop & The #GangofOutlaws) is responsible for the creative racing cars and has already individually redesigned several cars more or less crazy. Some examples are given below and the conversion of the VW is explained somewhat.

Sideway Cars, Flipside Cars and More

Trippy Tippy Hippy Van Sideway Flipside Auto Tuning Crazy: Sideway cars what variants are there?

Jeff Bloch is the racing driver, also known as the Speedycop, who transforms racing cars in a particularly crazy way. The converted vehicles are also known beyond the national borders and are, for example, in LeMons (known as the "hot scrap race") appreciated. His conversions include a moving Cessna, a moving hot dog stand, an upside-down Camaro and a VW known as Trippy Tippy Hippy Van that became the sideway car.

Campervan and other VW vehicles

Trippy Tippy Hippy Van Sideway Flipside Auto Tuning 3 e1586349393273 Crazy: Sideway cars which variants are there?

The Trippy Tippy Hippy Van is based on a 1988 Volkswagen Rabbit chassis with a 1.8 liter 16V GTI engine and 120 hp. The special thing about the conversion is not the GTI engine, but the fact that a 1976 VW Bully was installed lying on its side. So the vehicle looks like it just fell over. Only it just keeps going and is “not” directly on the side. The VW, also sometimes referred to as the Sideways Race Car, was particularly suitable for the conversion due to its box-shaped body as it basically only had to be slipped over the Golf. Bloch and his team have left the exterior of the car largely original and at the same time designed it in an original way. There was even a large foil applied to the side, which should represent the underside of the bus to make it look even more realistic. The converted VW bus is quite heavy, but has good grip on the racetrack and even lifts 2 of the 4 wheels that should normally be in contact with the road when cornering quickly. The other 4 tires on the supposed underside are just a dummy.

everything is still normal in the cabin

In the bus cabin, in contrast to the crazy look outside, things are pretty normal. So you don't lie on your side, but sit in a classic racing seat with a sports belt. Although the interior is completely cleared and equipped with a massive roll bar, it essentially corresponds to a completely normal car that was equipped for the racetrack. Only the large "Frozen - Totally Unabashed" wall clock raises some questions.

Sideway Cars - further modifications

Bloch and his team not only build sideway cars, but also have vehicle conversions in their range where the top of the vehicle is down. These vehicles are referred to as upside-down racing cars and if you want to know more about them, then follow the post linked at the beginning that deals with this topic. However, the upside-down cars are built by several people. For this purpose Bloch converted a Camero and turned the vehicle into a real eye-catcher. The Speedycop cars look like fantasy creations that the interested racing observer first has to look carefully to see whether the racing car is really real. Sideway cars and upside-down racing cars amaze the audience and are a "hit" at car shows or other occasions.

Sideway Cars - conclusion

The variations of sideway cars are diverse. A distinction is made between vehicles lying on the side that can drive and racing cars that drive sideways. Upside-down vehicles and other conversions were also creatively made by Speedycop. The vehicles must not be missing in LeMons and other competitions and contribute to a unique, creatively designed show.

Trippy Tippy Hippy Van Sideway Car Tuning 4 Crazy: Sideway cars what variants are there?

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Trippy Tippy Hippy Van Sideway Car Tuning 5 Crazy: Sideway cars what variants are there?

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