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Manual gearshift: is “skipping gears” harmful?

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hand on gear lever hand switch Manual gear shifting: Is skipping a gear harmful?

A question that comes up again and again: is it harmful to use the handset? To skip gears? The answer: Jaein! There is no general answer to that. But we can say with good certainty that the gears are at the Upshift skip is 95% of the time not harmful for the vehicle or the transmission. A prerequisite is of course a correspondingly powerful engine and the number of gears skipped also plays a role. If you drive in second gear, for example, with a 2-liter turbo engine and around 200 hp, then it is certainly possible to shift directly into 4th gear on a straight stretch or even downhill and thus skip 3rd gear. However, if you have a small 0,9-liter three-cylinder under the hood, it should be a lot less fun and, above all, make sense! Are crucial than that Vehicle and the situation.

watch out when "downshifting"

Skipping gears, manual gearshift harmful 3 Manual gearshift: Is skipping gears harmful?

Basically you can even when downshifting Gears are skipped. But here you should pay attention to the current speed as much as possible. So please do not shift from 5th or 6th to 2nd gear if you are traveling at 70 km / h or even faster. This can damage the engine and the clutch. Normally you will notice one as soon as you try it too small gear insert a certain resistance, at the latest then you should refrain from it to put in gear with force and then to let the clutch come on. We recommend downshifting no gears to skip. And if you do, then you absolutely must Speed ​​adjustment to pay attention. Adapting the engine speed to the clutch prevents the car from jerking and, in the worst case, the wheels from locking. Basically you can say: Of course you can skip aisles, that can even have a positive effect on fuel consumption. The engine should just not be driven at very low revs.

always change gears with caution

Skipping gears Manual gear shifting Manual gear shifting: Is skipping gears harmful?

If you skip aisles, you should definitely take the next course a little further sanft is insert than you would with normal upshifts. If you turn second gear - for whatever reason - up to 6.500 revolutions and then switch directly to the fifth, then you should should not Let the clutch come suddenly, but a careful engagement at low speed carry out. Turn out second gear and then shift into fourth or fifth, loads the synchronizer rings more than when using 3rd gear. And you should start with a hand switch always in first gear. Higher gears when moving off cause the clutch to wear out unnecessarily on most vehicles. In general, the manufacturers think something in the gear ratio as well as in the number of gears.

A proper handling is guaranteed if the courses are in the correct order and one after the other switched through . Rule of thumb: 30 km / h: 3rd gear - 40 km / h: 4th gear - 50 km / h: 5th gear, etc. At the end... Do not turn off the gears. Use 1st gear only for rolling and shift into second gear immediately after one or two car lengths. If it's the driving situation allowed, then you can also skip a gear when shifting up.

Grabber Blue manual transmission 660 PS Ford Mustang GT 5 15 manual transmission: Is skipping a gear harmful?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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