SL-BMS: self-learning battery management for the scooter!

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Scooter Tuning Scooter Tuning SL BMS: self-learning battery management for the scooter!

increase the range and fewer Load! Sounds good. With e-mobility, the range is known to play a large (maybe even the greatest) Role for users. And in the field of Reach with batteries gives it out Taiwan now one development with a Battery management system. This battery management allows you to use one electric scooter much further can drive. The institute from Taiwan is that Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)what a battery management named SL BMS has developed.

Battery management can do that!

SL BMS battery management SL BMS: self-learning battery management for the scooter!

The abbreviation SL BMS from battery management stands for self-learning battery management system. The battery management can reduce the consumption during use in real time detect. This is possible through a Monitoringwho also the Use of energy regulates. Come to the settlement self-learning algorithms to use. One such application is the charge controller, this ensures that the battery is on the one hand not overloaded can be, but on the other hand also not deep discharge. At the SL-BMS battery management the functions go however find out more. So here as part of the monitoring of the battery, also the temperature the environment detected. Depending on the temperature, a Heating or cooling, thereby the capacity from the battery stay, but also the general one Lifespan.

How battery management learns

As mentioned at the beginning, the range plays a role with the battery a major role. Das SL-BMS battery management from ITRI ​​institute is able to do that driving behavior by the user early in the. And with one new technology for capacity estimation, with which the SL-BMS battery management is able to provide much more precise information about the still available Reach close. Straight through that better indication of the range, the user should be relieved of the fear that suddenly the battery power Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! sufficient. Furthermore, it should also reduce the performance of the battery up to 50 percent can be better used. With better knowledge of the range, a too frequent loading be avoided. As studies show, the battery life can be increased by up to 20 percent increased will. More positive Side effect, with a longer service life, the Need for resources for the production of rechargeable batteries and it also has to be less be recycled will. Especially for Lithium-ion batteries that offers itself SL-BMS battery management at. You are as intelligent as possible battery management reliant. The SL-BMS battery management from ITRI will be at digital CES presented.

E scooter battery e1610451457450 SL BMS: self-learning battery management for the scooter!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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