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Slab Culture elbow wheel Slabline Tuning Typical crazy America tuning trend Slab Culture

Ever heard of Houston's crazy hip-hop community and their cars? HipHop in Houston (Texas / USA) not only includes music, but also a very individual style when it comes to the vehicles in the scene. In America, the slab culture developed in Houston, Texas, to which so-called slabs belong. Slabs are vehicles specially made for customers that have to meet three criteria. Criteria and slabs are presented in more detail below. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

Slab Culture - Custom Cars and more

Slab Culture elbow wheel Slabline Tuning 2 Typical crazy America tuning trend Slab Culture

Slab culture vehicles, they say, should be loud, slow and excellent (“slow”, “loud”, “bangin”). The iconic "elbow wheels" are known in the tuning sector. These are vehicles with wire rims that have elbow-like, protruding middle parts. The "elbow wheels" are part of Slab Culture, just like the high-gloss candy color of the Slab Culture vehicles. And of course, an extreme stereo sound system should not be missing in the vehicles. Slabs are the vehicles from old movies (1970s blaxploitation films) imitated and you can hardly miss them due to the bright vehicle colors.

Slab Culture - loud, bright candy colors and shiny

Slab Culture elbow wheel Slabline Tuning 3 Typical crazy America tuning trend Slab Culture

At first glance, the slabs, as the cars of the Slab Culture are also called, see how Lowrider out. What distinguishes them from the lowriders, however, are the iconic "elbow wheels" and the bright, shiny candy color. Due to the unique colors, the cars are easy to recognize and can hardly be missed.

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The extreme stereo sound system is referred to in English as the "over-the-top stereo sound system". The cars are specially made and can be customized according to customer requirements. The vehicles are known from the hip-hop scene in Houston, Texas. The cars are considered extremely extravagant and have cult status.

What do Slab Culture vehicles look like?

Slab Culture elbow wheel Slabline Tuning 4 e1582006506868 Typical crazy America tuning trend Slab Culture

Older American car models, which are mainly large and wide, are used as the basis for the conversion to a slab culture vehicle. For example, old Lincoln, Cadillac, American sedan or Oldsmobile can be used for the conversion. The cars are given various external additions, such as the distinctive “elbow rims”. The crazy rims are the cult symbol for slabs and stand far from tires and cars. A so-called “fifth wheel” can almost always be found at the rear and is usually shown as a half rim in a fiberglass housing. The built-in stereo sound system must be able to shake the vehicle properly and should be accordingly extreme. Of course, rap music or similar music that fits the scene is heard. “Trunk displays” can often be found inside the trunk. These are neon signs or glass signs that signal certain messages to the community. Of course, the candy colors of the cars are also characteristic. Slabs are considered extravagant and can be individually designed by the owner.

Slab culture - conclusion

The hip hop culture from Houston, Texas can score with slabs in the tunin area. These are extravagant, wide, sweeping vehicles that have bright candy colors and are characterized by "elbow wheels" and extremely loud stereo sound systems. In recent years, the scene has shown more and more current vehicles with the noticeable modifications. The Chrysler 300C is popular here, but a current Cadillac or VW bus is also often used for it. In this country, however, legal approval would be unthinkable, especially with regard to the “elbow wheels”.

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Slab Culture elbow wheel Slabline Tuning 5 Typical crazy America tuning trend Slab Culture

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