Unobstructed view: winter products to de-ice the disc!

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Winter Tires Recommendations Experiences 2017 Free View: Winter Products to de-ice the disc!

How worthwhile are the winter gadgets offered for the car? Every year again: winter is just around the corner and strains drivers' nerves. Who doesn't know this scenario? The passenger compartment is still damp from the night, the seats are ice cold and the windows shine with a thick layer of ice. The fight should be declared against this inconvenience, only the big question of “how”? What really helps, which remedies and tools are useful? Do fan heaters, drying bags and the like keep their promises or is it just a waste of money? Apparently effective electric ice scrapers, which allow the panes to be worked on with ease, are particularly popular. The ADAC has ventured the big winter gadget test and the result was anything but convincing. The Bad News First: Most tools are neither useful nor rewarding. Based on the three examples: heater, Drying bags and ice scraper the product characteristics are to be represented objectively in the following:

Fan heater with 12V connection

Fan heater, electric heater, engine heater, auxiliary heater 2 Clear view: Winter products for de-icing the window!

The fan heater is used for the free front screen. However, the performance of only 150 watts is not very convincing. Considering that a heater is equipped with about 4500 watts, the difference explains itself by itself. The icy windshield is accordingly only partially (selectively) free. An additional negative point of the fan heater is that the installation of the device on the dashboard should be done with extreme care. If the wrong spot was chosen, it could lead to serious damage.

drying bag

Dehumidifier Airbag Auto Clear view: Winter products for de-icing the window!

The drying bag is often and popularly used as it is an important aid in absorbing condensation. So the interior of the car should be kept dry or at least dehumidified. In general, there is nothing wrong with this method according to ADAC. However, attention should be paid to the placement of the bags, which are often offered in pairs and can weigh up to 500 grams. The best is the placement in the foot area, in the rear vehicle compartment. Otherwise, in the event of an accident or impact, the bags could become a hazardous bullet.

or a heated ice scraper?

Ice scraper electrically heated Ice scraper Clear view: Winter products to de-ice the disc!
Electric ice scrapers sound promising and you might also want to take advantage of the heat effect effectively? Unfortunately, the ADAC disagrees. According to their information, only the piece of metal is heated. This has no contact with the edge of the scratch and the fact is: even thin ice can not be melted or scraped off. In the worst case it could lead to cracks or a fire, if the ice scraper is not used carefully.

Windscreen covers often too simple

Aluminum Car Anti-icing Film Tchipie Test 1 Clear View: Winter products to de-ice the disc!

Unfortunately, the winter gadgets could not really convince the ADAC. Furthermore, water heaters and Windscreen covers offered. What about these supposed aids? Water heaters are thermal containers that are used to make coffee or tea. However, these gadgets usually can not be properly installed and pose a danger during braking. In addition, the preparation simply distracts. Windscreen covers are only recommended for first-class workmanship and simple fixation. Cheap, simple models are ineffective and simply blown away.

Critical review and important points to note

All in all, it should be clear that not every gadget pays off and expectations can not always be met. Try the articles before buying and let us advise you. In addition, you should use traditional ways and means of checking your anti-freeze, de-icing the door locks, and always carry a whisk and a traditional ice scraper. How to get your car through the winter well.

Ice scraper with electric drive?

The ADAC has not tried an ice scraper with an electric drive. Such a device with rotating plastic blades is available from some suppliers. The prices start at around 25 euros and currently end at around 45 euros for the Kärcher EDI 4 Ice scraper. And this is exactly what we have already tried. The result was surprisingly good. Apart from an intense background noise, the EDI 4 did exactly what it should - quickly free the disc from the ice! In our test We couldn't find any scratches on the window and intensive scratching with a conventional ice scraper isn't really quieter either - but it takes longer! What do you have to pay attention to when the vehicle is to be made fit for the dark season? The most important information can be found in our winter check.

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