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Some protection: slip-on windows for cars with half-doors!

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Slip-up window Slip-in window Plug-in window Slight protection: Sliding window for cars with half-doors!

As a plug-in window or plug-in window called windows that are based on the so-called half doors can be plugged. They are used primarily in off-road vehicles, but sometimes also in convertibles to weatherproof the car. Often they are sold together with a soft top. You can also buy them separately or in combination with the half-door. Even with some vintage cars you will find standard slip-on window.

Why are slip-on windows useful?

Sliding window Sliding window Plug-in window2 e1575524245182 Some protection: Sliding window for cars with half-doors!

Clip-on windows are only suitable for vehicles with half-doors. These are mainly installed in open-topped vehicles, such as convertibles or robust offroaders. The doors often have no windows and no frames in such vehicles. So you have all-round visibility when driving in the field and can fully enjoy the sun and the breeze. But if you are traveling fast or the weather is bad, it will be uncomfortable in the open car. Then you can close your vehicle with an additional hood and slip-on windows. The windows prevent the ingress of wind, rain and snow from the side and still allow you the necessary view to the side. You can also prevent outdoor waste or leaves from being blown into your car when parking outdoors, and make it difficult to get into the vehicle. And do not worry, even with slip-on windows in combination with half-doors the weight advantage compared to a classic car door is almost completely preserved.

How do slip-windows work?

Slip-on window slip-on window plug-in window3 Some protection: slip-on window for cars with half-doors!

Sliding windows consist of a metal frame, which is inserted into holes provided for the half-doors. It is therefore important during assembly that the windows fit exactly in the holes. Therefore, it is most convenient if you buy the slip-on window with the half-doors of one and the same provider. A later retrofitting is of course still possible, but the subsequent drilling holes is often very cumbersome and should be done better by an expert in the workshop. Above the metal frame is a cover of denim or plastic that carries the window. Often it contains a zipper with which you can also open the window without having to completely dismantle it. This is especially useful on rainy days, if you want to let in between your air in your car, but have to expect that it will rain soon. The orderly installation of the windows takes a few minutes and you will not want to put them on and off several times a day.

What to look for when buying?

The most important criterion is that the windows also fit on your half-door, to your top and of course the vehicle. Depending on the model, the shapes of the windows are very different. Therefore, pay close attention to the model information. It may also be convenient to inquire in advance if you can return the windows if they do not fit. Also, good, stable material is important. A bent-bezel window may not fit and does not close tightly. In order to prevent scratching the window pane during transport, it often pays to purchase a suitable transport bag as well.

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Slip-on window slip-on window plug-in window5 Some protection: slip-on window for cars with half-doors!

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  1. Good to know that clip-on windows are mainly used in off-road vehicles. My uncle works in a car repair shop. He says that more and more of his customers are choosing to install clip-on windows.

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