What does the term "slope angle" actually mean?

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Slope angle, overhang angle, ramp angle tuning

To the so-called Approach angle To be able to fix, the level traveled on serves as the starting point. There is generally between the rear and the front Differentiated slope angle. The higher corresponding vehicle parts, such as the Aprons, the sills or the Exhaust System are mounted, the higher the slope angle. However, the value can also be derived from normal additions to the car, such as a Trailer hitch or an additional attachment on the bumper (Bull catcher, additional lights, spoiler etc.) to be influenced. Basically, the angle of approach is of course significantly lower for lowered sports cars than for a classic off-road vehicle.

What does the angle of repose stand for?

The angle of repose denotes the, especially in off-road vehicles Slopewhich can be managed with the respective vehicle, without the floor being touched by overhanging body panels. Those parts of the body that could touch the ground must therefore mounted as high as possible in order to achieve the highest possible angle of repose.

Boeschungswinkel Overhang angle Ramp angle Tuning Tilt angle

Above all, the bumper counts Trailer hitch or winch to the particularly critical parts. What is the angle of repose? In a commercial off-road vehicle, the angle of repose is between 20 and 25 degrees Pitch. In addition to the angle of repose, they also have other properties like the tilt angle, the ramp angle or the ground clearance an influence on the off-road capability of the vehicle.

Tuning for a better approach angle?

The way food is Length, or rather, the depth from the attachment can have an influence on the slope angle. For example, if the front apron is very short, i.e. the "overhang" on the vehicle is less than on the production vehicle, then the approach angle is also improved. So are one Höherlegung, a bigger one wheelset, minimalist aprons and maybe a side exhaust system (sidepipes) installed, then it can be assumed that this vehicle has a significantly improved slope angle compared to the series.

Project Duke ECD Land Rover Defender D110 LS V8 7

Our conclusion: The Slope angle (overhang angle) refers to both off-road vehicles and buses or trucks the maximum slopewhich can be approached from the plane, without that overhanging parts of the body touch the ground. A distinction is always made between the rear and the front slope angle.

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