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Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impact

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Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impact

Smart Repair stands for Small Middle Area Repair Technology and is a repair technique that can be used for small to medium-sized areas. The cost of these methods, which are used for minor damage to motor vehicles, is lower than the cost of conventional methods. They can be used to repair damage such as dents or scratches with little effort. The professional preparation of the vehicle using the smart repair process is particularly suitable before a car is sold.

Overview of the topics

Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impactWho is only interested in very specific areas around the topic Smart repair interested, you can use the following jump labels to navigate directly to the desired topic with just one click. And just as quickly you can return to this overview from the selected menu item with just one click. However, we recommend our readers to always read the entire article. Some menu items are only really comprehensible and understandable once the complete information article has been read.

  1. What is the Smart Repair procedure?
  2. In which cases is the procedure worthwhile?
  3. What should be considered before the repair?
  4. What are the limits of Smart Repair?
  5. Application examples?
  6. What is spot repair?
  7. Costs for a simple paintwork damage?
  8. Scratches on the plastic bumper
  9. Remove a dent in the sheet metal
  10. Damage to the dashboard
  11. Repair damaged areas in textiles and leather
  12. Repairing stone chip damage possible?
  13. Smart Repair tutorials

What is the Smart Repair procedure?

Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impact

Smart repair refers to repair techniques that are characterized by low prices and short repair times. They upgrade the vehicle and make expensive replacement of entire parts superfluous. With the Smart Repair process, glass, upholstery or plastics can be repaired, for example using paint-protecting dent removal techniques or punctual refinishing on various vehicle components. (Back to overview)

In which cases is the procedure worthwhile?

The repair procedure is worthwhile both when returning a leased vehicle and when selling a heavily used car. A car that is well cared for will cost a higher price, which will quickly offset the low costs of the smart repair process. And of course the procedure is also worthwhile if you can no longer see the small dent, scratch or rust spot on the vehicle. The success of Smart Repair depends both on the damage in question and on the skills of the repairer. (Back to overview)

What should be considered before the repair?

For the greatest possible success, it makes sense to choose a company that specializes in smart repairs. It is worthwhile to compare different companies in advance. Because sometimes there are significant price differences. If possible, you should take a look at vehicles that have already been prepared. First should a Cost estimate so that it is clear what work the company is doing and at what price. It is also useful to photograph the damage in advance. Consistent evidence is thus possible in the event of poor workshop performance. (Back to overview)

What are the limits of Smart Repair?

Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impact

Smart repair procedures are designed for small to medium-sized damage. This means that small paint damage, scratched plastic bumpers or even smaller dents in the sheet metal can be removed. Damage to the dashboard, textiles and leather can also be repaired. The method is also suitable for stone chip damage. However, this process cannot remove severe dents or deep scratches. And the repair of areas in the middle of a vehicle area is often not feasible. If, for example, the middle of a vehicle door is damaged on a silver vehicle, it is hardly possible to remove the scratch without being able to recognize a difference in paintwork. In such a case, in order to carry out the repair "invisibly" lacquered become what exceeds the capabilities of Smart Repair. Blending enables a smooth transition of the repair color into the original paintwork by means of "fading". The human eye cannot tell the difference in the color that flows from new to old (and vice versa). (Back to overview)

Application examples

The following examples serve as a rough overview of the possibilities of the Smart Repair procedure.

  1. Paint damage: Scratches on the car can lead to price discounts when reselling. That is why it is worthwhile to have minor damage repaired quickly, cost-effectively and selectively. The Spot paintingwhich is carried out selectively instead of repainting entire components. This procedure is usually offered by independent repair shops and in car preparation.
  2. The installation of migRaven.XNUMX/XNUMX can be separated into four different sections, those being: The required paints and varnishes are mixed on site in small quantities. So they can be adapted directly to the vehicle. Small spray guns like the one typically come along with this Airbrush or even spray cans are used. Before application, scratches and unevenness are split, primed and then coated with the pigmented paint. Clear varnish then ensures sealing and gloss.
    Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impact
  3. Limits: Spot repair is suitable for small areas that are outside of the direct field of vision. If the damage is at eye level, the procedure has already reached its limits. Lying surfaces such as roofs or hoods are difficult. The fenders and the bumper, however, are not critical. The decisive factor for success is the craftsmanship and the color used. According to the relevant regulations, a single damage to the paintwork may be a maximum of 3,5 centimeters in length or diameter in order to be suitable for the spot repair process. (Back to overview)
  4. risks: There are no risks. If the results are unsatisfactory, it is still possible to paint the entire vehicle part afterwards.
  5. Cost: The price for a simple paintwork damage is between 40 and 80 euros, with a diameter of approx. 25 millimeters. However, this price is not binding. It can vary depending on the agreement between the company and the vehicle owner. As a rule, however, the repair of several paintwork damages is cheaper than a single one. (Back to overview)

Scratches on the plastic bumper

The bumper, the radiator cowling and many other parts of modern car bodies are made of plastic. Despite their elasticity, cracks can occur over time. Spare parts that require expensive painting are usually expensive and often completely unnecessary. The smart repair process is therefore particularly suitable for reprocessing.

  1. The installation of migRaven.XNUMX/XNUMX can be separated into four different sections, those being: The cracks are mechanically bridged in advance with a metal mesh. This gives the component back its inherent stability. This wire mesh is then melted into the component. The crack on the front is closed with a special thermoplastic material. Ultimately, unevenness is closed with a filler.
  2. Limits: The plastics used can only be glued or welded to a limited extent. In the case of larger cracks, there is also the risk of insufficient structural strength.
  3. risks: Despite the wire mesh, the resistance of the component is generally weakened at the damaged area. This is particularly critical with bumpers. However, there are also no test results on impairment of crash safety if such a point was repaired.
  4. Cost: The prices are based on both the agreement and the extent of the damage. The repair of the damage is usually plus 50 Euros, since complex assembly work may be necessary. (Back to overview)

remove a dent in the sheet metal

Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impact

At 0,7 millimeters, the average body panel of a current vehicle is usually very thin. Small dents can therefore already be caused by applying small forces. Car doors, hailstones or even windfalls are enough to get an unsightly dent. Depending on the position, this damage is often repaired with a filler and a complete coating of the component. Depending on the incidence of light, this method is rarely really invisible, but sometimes more or less visible. Because the repair remains visible, despite the repaired damage, the resale value is adversely affected. With a professional and paint-friendly dents removal, however, these problems are not to be expected. However, requires pressing the dents special expertise and a corresponding skill. In this case, there are no fixed standards with regard to work processes or services.

But: we have already tried it out ourselves and can say that it is not necessarily easy for the layperson. Of course, it always depends on the tool, the damaged area and the "specialist". If you want to know more about the topic, we can send our contribution "Dent doctor - inexpensive repairs rather than an expensive exchange!“Recommend. (Back to overview)

  1. The installation of migRaven.XNUMX/XNUMX can be separated into four different sections, those being: With this method, force is applied to the dent. This requires a good eye, good lighting conditions, a lot of feeling and specialist knowledge. The specialist uses special tools and works his way in a spiral from the outside to the inside. In order to level out outwardly protruding areas accordingly, the surface can be acted upon with plastic rods.
  2. Limits: The re-deformation saves filling and painting work. The basic requirement is an undamaged paint surface of the finished area. A perfect bond to the sheet metal surface is also necessary. Furthermore, unrestricted access to the rear of the damage is necessary. If this is not the case, special adhesive tape and a pull hammer can be used. Special dents such as grain marks and dents directly on folds or beads, on the other hand, are difficult or even impossible to repair without filler.
  3. risks: In the worst case, the remaining damage must be removed with a spatula and paint. However, it is not expected to worsen.
  4. Cost: There is no predefined price calculation here either. For small dents with a depth of approx. 3 millimeters and a diameter of around 25 millimeters, the price can be between 30 and 100 euros. In the case of work difficulties, additional costs apply. For example, if the door panel has to be removed. (Back to overview)

Damage to the dashboard

Replacing the dashboard because of scratches or holes is particularly expensive and often unnecessary. After all, no technical / functional defects are the reason, only aesthetic ones. But scratches on plastic parts are unsightly to look at and therefore it is understandable if you want to change that. (Back to overview)

  1. The installation of migRaven.XNUMX/XNUMX can be separated into four different sections, those being: With the help of thermoplastic material, holes are filled and then smoothed with a filler. The surface structure is restored with the help of matrix processes or structure sprays. Finally, the appropriate color is mixed and properly applied.
  2. Limits: If the structural strength of the component is not weakened, the damaged areas can be repaired using common smart repair methods.
  3. risks: A visually appealing result requires that you are a Smart Repair expert. Even so, these repairs should be done before reselling the car. The cost of repairs usually makes up for the higher resale value.
  4. Cost: In the case of damage up to a size of around 30 millimeters, the repair costs are between 30 and 50 euros. The costs depend on the extent of the damage and the agreements made with the workshop. (Back to overview)

Repair damaged areas in textiles and leather

Glowing cigarettes or pointed objects can quickly damage seats and surfaces in the interior. If new seat covers or elements of the interior trim have to be bought, these are often not available as original spare parts or are particularly expensive and sometimes also different in color from the rest due to the newer production date. So the smart repair method is also an option. By the way, there is more information on this in our report on the topic Leather repair with liquid leather, on the subject Color refreshment for leather seats as well as our general report on leather caresystem. (Back to overview)

  1. The installation of migRaven.XNUMX/XNUMX can be separated into four different sections, those being: Patches stuck on the underside are used to reinforce the defective area in the upholstery fabric. In this way, they do not tear open any further and have a stable basis for the replacement structure. Any wells are filled with a mixture of fibers and glue. The replacement surface structure is adapted to the existing color. The fibers are applied by means of a blower to a patch of the damaged area that has previously been wetted with glue. However, these areas have only a limited shelf life. This is due to the limited bond between the fibers and the substrate, which can be repeated later. The procedure for leather is similar. The flaw is stabilized on its underside. Then synthetic resin spatula is used to fill the recess. The surface structure is transferred to the still flexible filler using a pre-made matrix. The entire component is then given the leather color. If carried out correctly, this repair is long-lasting and almost invisible.
  2. Limits: Auto-dressers or smart repair experts can usually help with damage to the upholstery fabrics. It is of secondary importance whether it is burn holes or small defects. Surface damage or holes are not a problem with leather surfaces either.
  3. risks: The repair of the interior serves cosmetics and cannot necessarily permanently remove wear and tear. Nevertheless, the smart repair procedure in the interior is worthwhile, especially before the vehicle is possibly sold.
  4. Cost: The prices depend on the agreements made and the extent of the damage. While holes in textiles are quick and easy to repair, they are more difficult to repair in leather. Generally speaking, a cost of at least 10 to 30 euros per damaged area must be expected for textiles. In the case of leather, the amount can even be in the three-digit range. (Back to overview)

Repairing stone chip damage possible?

Stone chips on the windshield are a common nuisance. Modern cars usually have a glued-in windshield, which makes replacement difficult. The installation of a new windshield costs between 400 and 1.000 euros, depending on the design and additional properties such as Head-Up Display Anti-reflective coating, rain sensor & Co. For a professional repair it is necessary that the damage is out of the field of vision. It must also be at least 10 centimeters from the edge and it may only be on the outside of the pane. The intermediate film and the inner pane must not be damaged. In addition, the damage may be a maximum of 5 millimeters in size, have a maximum length of 3 centimeters, and not run radially. Dirt or water must not have penetrated the pane. It must also not show any further signs of wear. Cracked windows or those with a large number of small impacts can no longer be repaired. There is even more information on this topic in our large article on Chip Repair! (Back to overview)

  1. The installation of migRaven.XNUMX/XNUMX can be separated into four different sections, those being: The damaged area is cleaned beforehand using a vacuum pump. The air from the impact point is removed and resin adhesive is pressed into the damaged area. This is cured with UV light and the repair area is cleaned and then polished.
  2. risks: If the quality is appropriate, the pane will then have its original stability and the damaged area can no longer be seen. Some manufacturers give up to 3 years guarantee on the repaired window.
  3. Cost: The repair costs around 50 euros. (Back to overview)

Smart Repair tutorials

(Back to overview)

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Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impact

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Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impact

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Smart Repair: inexpensive repairs with a big impact

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