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Attention guaranteed - autotuning with smoothie rims

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Smoothie rims tuningblog striking guaranteed autotuning with smoothie rims

Rims are more than a functional part of the wheel. They give the look of your vehicle the finishing touch. Rims are therefore among the most popular tuning parts ever. To upgrade your summer tires, Smoothie rims made of steel or aluminum are excellent if you are looking for something special. Not only the often exceptionally beautiful shine ensures that your rims attract the looks like a magnet. Unique recesses and designs give the rims their incomparable look.

Smoothie rims with many design options

Smoothie rims tuningblog 2 striking guaranteed autotuning with smoothie rims

For example, you can order smoothie rims that are only primed and painted in the color you want. Smoothie rims are available with different sized bolt circles for different (almost all) vehicle models. They are also available for a VW Beetle, if you would like the old, original look. The Smoothie rims are compatible with the standard hubcaps. You can also use hubcaps specially designed for smoothie rims, such as moon caps. Smoothie rims are offered with different hub sizes. You are guaranteed to find the right smoothie rims for every season, which visually enhance your mobile pedestal and guarantee you a safe and particularly cool driving experience. (Tip: New wheelset planned? Our Tire calculator says if it fits!)

Accessories for an authentic tire tuning

Smoothie rims tuningblog 3 striking guaranteed autotuning with smoothie rims

You are offered many colors for painting your Smoothie rims. Whether striking white, stylish black or bright colors - there are many options available to make your car an eye-catcher and / or to live out your rally feeling to the fullest. Foiling is also feasible for the rims. For an absolutely authentic tuning, you will be offered the hub caps that perfectly match your Smoothie rims. For your US vehicle, hub caps with an American logo are sold to round off your rim tuning. Of course, wheel nuts, decorative rings and other accessories are also available for perfect tire tuning. The next time you change wheels at the latest, you should use the opportunity to equip your wheels with a high-quality, decorative addition for little money.

Original wheels instead of tuning lifestyle

Individualization and optimization are the goal of every tuning. Especially when choosing your rims you are offered enormous choices. If you opt for Smoothie rims without additional acceptance or registration, you have many other options. Although there is only one size listed in your vehicle documents, other permissible sizes are noted in the COC papers of your car. You must take the following important factor into account: The rolling circumference of your new bike combination should be identical if possible. A deviation may amount to a maximum of a few percent. Otherwise it can lead to tachometer inaccuracies. In this case, you have to make for your car and the conversion expensive appraisals that will never count in the end. A professional advice on rim selection offer you experienced Tunging-Schmieden.

Smoothie rims tuningblog 4 striking guaranteed autotuning with smoothie rims

Of course that had not happened yet!

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