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Snowcaps - an accessory that stands out when tuning

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Snowcaps Snow Caps tuningblog accessories1 Snowcaps an accessory that stands out when tuning

Often they can no longer be seen today. We are talking about so-called snow caps (snowcaps), a styling accessory that was particularly popular in the 70s and 80s. Today it is attached to vehicles of this year in the course of restorations and helps to revive the sense of time from that time and to give the car an authentic retro styling. Real car and tuning connoisseurs will immediately notice the matching snow caps.

What are snowcaps really?

Snowcaps Snow Caps tuningblog accessories2 Snowcaps an accessory that stands out when tuning

Basically snowcaps are nothing more than covers, which are placed over the ventilation grille below the windscreen of a car. It must be mentioned that in the cars of that time these vents were just punched in the body panel. Today, after completion of the hood most vehicles only plastic parts, where the windshield wipers are mounted and the ventilation can take place. An assembly of snowcaps would therefore no longer be possible on modern cars. But in a time when a lot was made of metal, things were different. Especially popular were the snowcaps on Volvo cars. Then as now a company that built robust and durable vehicles that had to be always ready to drive even under the harshest winter conditions. In this environment, the snowcaps made sense and helped reduce the amount of snow entering the engine compartment.

Snowcaps, authentic is no longer possible

Over time, the snowcaps developed from practical and useful accessories to a tuning hit. Not only at Volvo, but also at other vehicle brands, these parts were gladly installed. airscoops and air intakes of every kind were very popular with tuning fans back then, as the snowcaps could not be missing. Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, there were very specific and tailored to the individual models snowcaps. Of course, the tuning accessories trade was also involved in the spread and popularity of the snowcaps. Here you could buy particularly cheap universal snowcaps. These snowcaps were mostly made of black plastic. But there were also versions made of metal, which were often offered by the vehicle manufacturer as an original accessory. The assembly of plastic snowcaps in particular was relatively easy, often they were simply plugged onto the ventilation openings and screwed on. True tuning fans who value the perfect visual appearance of their car, paint these snowcaps in body color. Especially for old Volvos you can still find snowcaps at Internet retailers.

Snowcaps Snow Caps tuningblog accessories3 Snowcaps an accessory that stands out when tuning

Of course that had not happened yet!

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