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Solar plexius sun protection for car windows now -27%!

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It doesn't always have to be higher, faster, wider. Sometimes we are also impressed by the small, smart things for our cars. Anyone who is out and about with children knows the problem of the blinding sun and the associated whining on the back seat. We have been partners and enthusiastic users of Solarplexius window tinting for several years. You can find our detailed experience and installation reports here, here and here. And more in a small preview at the end of the post. In contrast to the "classic" foiling of the windows, Solarplexius offers tailor-made sun protection for almost every vehicle. The Front washers are made of plastic (Makrolon) and block sun and UV rays effectively and everywhere, regardless of the angle from which the sun hits the vehicle. There are also no suction cups or nets that come off at every opportunity.

Easy assembly of the attachment panes

Solar plexius car sun protection window tinting in the VW T5 Multivan 9 3 Solar plexius sun protection for car windows now 27%!

You can do the "assembly" very comfortably at home without having to go to the workshop. The installation succeeds within 15-60 minutes depending on skill and vehicle type. 3 years ago the material was changed at Solarplexius since then the sun protection is available in a neutral one Gray. From the outside, however, the panes are deep black, so looking inside is hardly possible. We have now installed the windows in all of our editorial vehicles and are still thrilled, and we were also impressed by the option of quick and residue-free installation and removal on leasing vehicles.

Long story short.

If you are out in the car with children and the like or are simply thinking of having your windows wrapped in film, then come here the ultimate way to save a lot. In cooperation with the Swedish company we offer you up to the 30.11.2020 full 27% discount at. Simply use the discount code at the checkout: tuning blog and the discount will be deducted. HERE you go directly to the online shop. Keep your ears stiff and stay healthy.

Solarplexius sun protection promotion discount 1 Solarplexius sun protection for car windows now 27%!

Of course that had not been the case. Our tuning magazine has tens of thousands more tuning reports in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. Or are you particularly interested in the topic of solar plexius? Then the following excerpt is definitely just the thing.

Solarplexius - precisely fitting, cut-to-size car sunshades

Solarplexius sun protection washer% C3% B6nung 2018 2 310x165 Solarplexius sun protection for car windows now 27%!

Summer fit - Abarth Fiat 500 with sun protection from SOLARPLEXIUS

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 16 at 20.20.53 310x165 Solarplexius sun protection for car windows now 27%!

Factory standard - 2018 VW Touran with Solarplexius sunscreen

2018 VW Touran Solarplexius sun protection test report 10 310x165 Solarplexius sun protection for car windows now 27%!

Facebook competition 2020 - Solarplexius sun protection

Competition Solarplexius sun protection 2020 310x165 Solarplexius sun protection for car windows now 27%!

Now in gray / blue: Solarplexius car sunshade in the VW T5 Multivan

Solarplexius car sun protection window pane% C3% B6nung in VW T5 Multivan 16 310x165 Solarplexius sun protection for car windows now 27%!

Solarplexius - the optimal sun protection for the car

Perfect tailored Sunshades Solarplexius 2 310x165 Solarplexius Sun protection for car windows now 27%!

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