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Solarplexius - precisely fitting, cut-to-size car sunshades

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Solarplexius sun protection lens tint 2018 3 Solarplexius tailored, ready-cut car sun protection lenses


Our car sunshades can be easily and quickly installed and removed by yourself

The Swedish company Solarplexius sells car sunshades, car window tinting for 30 years in Scandinavia - for 10 years in Germany and also for 5 years - all over Europe via the Internet. The homepage pages are - for Austria- for Germany and for the other European countries. All prices are inclusive VAT and shipping.

Solarplexius sun protection lens tint 2018 Solarplexius tailored, ready-cut car sun protection lenses
(Left: rear window with ordinary film. To make your car not look like this, choose Solarplexius)

Solarplexius-protection plates are ready-made Macrolon windows, tailored to your vehicle, approx. 2 mm thick. No water, no glue - no bubbles or cracks. They are inserted from the inside, in front of the existing vehicle windows. In contrast to the film, you can remove it, for example in winter or when changing vehicles, and you remain flexible. Since the material is dyed through, scratches cannot be seen from the outside like a film.

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Due to the thickness of the front glass, in contrast to a film, your vehicle heats up much more slowly in summer. Our lenses hold back over 90% of UV radiation. The installation of the SQL disks in approx. 80 different vehicles can be done well on YouTube by entering "Solar plexius" look at.

cb no thumbnail Solar plexius precisely fitting, pre-cut car sunshades

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Since we have been producing sun protection for 30 years - we also have it for many older models - currently for approx. 50 different car brands with approx. 2.500 different models. Every year we manufacture around 100 new vehicle models. Sliding windows or opening windows can also be equipped with our panes and thus also work. We have been delivering our Solarplexius lenses in a color that looks deep black from the outside - you can no longer look into the vehicle - from the inside dark brown so that you can still look out - the effect is like sunglasses. A test mark is stamped into each Solarplexius pane for Germany and an ABG is included. The attachment of the Solarplexius panes is permitted in accordance with the Salzburg vehicle office in Austria as long as the provisions of KDV 1980 § 1967a are complied with - and they do not need to be entered.

Solarplexius sun protection lens tint 2018 2 Solarplexius tailored, ready-cut car sun protection lenses

In cooperation with we raffle from 17.06-27.06.18 - 10 free sets Solar plexius discs worth € 135,00 each - see the separate advertisement from on Facebook and we also grant all Tuningblog customers a 10% discount with the code during this time Tuningblog18 on all items in our shop.

SOLA Display Facebook v12 w Solarplexius custom-fit, ready-cut car sunshades

We still have many thousands more tuning reports on, if you wanted to see an excerpt then just click HERE, And there are also some other reports on the subject of solar plexius, following a small excerpt:

Opel Corsa D OPC Line - solar plexis sun protection test report

Opel Corsa OPC Solar Plexis Sunscreen Review Experiments Tuning 1 1 e1464285324428 310x165 Solarplexius custom-fit, pre-cut car sunshades

Summer time - solar plexus sun and privacy

Summertime Solarplexius Sunscreen Privacy Experiments Coupon Discount Test 310x165 Solarplexius custom-fit, ready-made car sunshades

Top - AUDI A3 8P with sun protection from SOLARPLEXIUS

AUDI A3 8P Sun Protection SOLARPLXIUS Tuning 20 310x165 Solarplexius custom-fit, ready-cut car sunshades

Factory standard - 2018 VW Touran with Solarplexius sunscreen

2018 VW Touran Solarplexius Sunscreen Review 10 310x165 Solarplexius custom-fit, ready-made car sunshades

Summer fit - Abarth Fiat 500 with sun protection from SOLARPLEXIUS

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 16 at 20.20.53 310x165 Solarplexius custom-fit, ready-cut car sunshades

10% discount for Christmas - Solarplexius Christmas campaign

solarplexius newsletter english 1 310x165 Solarplexius precisely fitting, ready-to-cut car sunshades

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