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Bass, we need bass! The sound system in the vehicle!

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dB drag racing sound tuning 3 bass, we need bass! The sound system in the vehicle!

Would you like his sound system convert in the car, so there are different options. This means better speakers, but also a different arrangement of speakers. A subwoofer, a new radio or a power amplifier. Of course, what is available when converting the sound system essentially depends on what you have installed in the car and what you want to achieve at all. Should it just be a slightly better sound or should the full program be included Trunk expansion? Basically, you can convert any sound system, regardless of the car model.

You have to consider that with the sound

dB drag racing sound tuning bass, we need bass! The sound system in the vehicle!

If you want better sound, new speakers are available here. On the one hand, either a different arrangement for a better sound experience or more speakers. Even these changes can significantly improve the sound in a car. When converting, for example, it is advisable to insert additional speakers in the doors. If you do that, you have to paneling remove the door, make a cutout for the loudspeaker and then insert it. In order not to damage the cladding, you should work carefully, for example with a jigsaw. If you have inserted the loudspeaker in the side door, you must not forget the insulation.

Ultimately, this ensures that the sound only spreads as desired. In addition, the insulation also ensures that there cannot be vibrations, rattling and other unpleasant noises that are annoying while driving. Ultimately, the loudspeakers only need cabling (if not already there) and the better sound experience arises.

Amplifiers for better quality

Sound system amplifier subwoofer tuning bass, we need bass! The sound system in the vehicle!

Alternatively, when converting a sound system, an amplifier or an additional subwoofer can also be used. Both have one thing in common, they ensure an improvement in quality. This is especially true for low audio frequencies, but also for the timbre. An amplifier can be installed in the trunk, but also under the seat or behind the radio. But depending on the installation location, the sound has a different effect, which plays a not unimportant role, especially with bass. A TÜV approval does not have to be observed when converting a sound system. Usually this is not necessary. But that doesn't mean that you don't have to pay attention to anything when converting a sound system.

Depending on the extent to which the sound system is being converted, for example with lighting components, you have to take into account the necessary energy requirements. Namely, whether the energy is available for it at all, or whether further modifications are not necessary. For example at the alternator or the Battery, And a greater need for energy also means a greater need for fuel. This should also be taken into account when converting an audio system. If you have amplifiers with an output of +1.000 watts, you have such an energy requirement that you can usually only cover with a second battery.

(Almost) everything is possible when converting

The conversion of the sound system can be carried out with individual components or a completely new system can be installed. If you move in the "usual" range, it is often enough to replace the existing speakers with better ones and possibly to connect an amplifier. Of course, the new components have to be integrated into the existing system, which is becoming more and more difficult nowadays in modern vehicles with digital controls. But current sound systems can also be combined and upgraded with components from third-party suppliers. Ultimately, the only decisive factor here is your wallet.

Do you need more information about retrofitting a sound system? Here we have taken up the topic again more extensively and have also included a few tutorialsTip: New sound system installed and the alternator makes Whistling noises over the speakers? Our tips to eliminate the problem. PS: With our instructions you can install new speakers in the doors yourself.

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Sound systems music system tuning Apple car play bass, we need bass! The sound system in the vehicle!
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