The possibilities for sound insulation for the interior!

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Sound insulation, noise reduction insulation e1587547640821 The possibilities for sound insulation for the interior!

For some years now, noise emissions have been checked very strictly by law and there are many specifications as to how loud motors, electrical tools and other items may be. The requirements for noise emissions from vehicles are also becoming stricter. Furthermore, the demands on acoustic aesthetics are also increasing. The customers of modern vehicles do not want to hear loud engine noises when they are sitting in the car. You can't compare such people with the typical petrolheads like WE are! But it's just the masses. Those who are enthusiastic about the engine noise as tuning can design an insulation of the car interior in such a way that the noise level is not harmful to the hearing, but is still "brilliant". Which sound-absorbing measures are useful for the car interior is explained below.

Soundproofing for the interior

Sound insulation, noise reduction insulation 2 e1587547685613 The possibilities for sound insulation for the interior!

Acoustic insulation is available for the interior of a vehicle. Motors can also be equipped with innovative insulation so that the noise level remains tolerable and within the intended range. The acoustic aesthetics are also an important tuning and buying factor for the driver and front passenger. Effective insulation measures can also make the car interior of older vehicles sound pleasant. Various soundproofing options are available for the vehicle interior and for almost all engines. For the latter, for example, integral insulation is made that can be used on high-temperature insulation.

Sound insulation - what is important?

Sound insulation, noise reduction insulation 3 e1587547738529 The possibilities for sound insulation for the interior!

When it comes to sound insulation, the surface matters. This means that the more space there is for the insulation, the more noise can be absorbed. Measures to absorb the sound therefore need space. Acoustic foams are often used for sound insulation. Acoustic foams can also be used in the interior of the car. Effective soundproofers are nubbed foams that are acoustically effective and can be purchased in various, often dark, colors. Acoustic foams can be purchased in the colors gray, light gray and black, for example. Acoustic wall panels in orange are also commercially available.

Quiet surroundings thanks to panels and mats

If you need soundproofing for the car interior, you should choose acoustic foam mats and panels, reduce the outside noise and also prevent noise from the interior from leaking out. However, the noise reduction should not go so far that alarm noises are no longer heard. The surrounding traffic and especially the ambulance, police and fire brigade should always be visible. If you want to use tuned vehicles outside of traffic and not in traffic, you can completely customize the interior acoustics and try out what is possible.

Blankets for acoustic optimization

If you want to dampen engine noise, you can also use acoustically optimized blankets, which are adaptable for various automotive parts. The acoustically optimized direct insulation can consist of removable multi-component shells. The multi-component shells, for example, are made of stainless steel foils on the outside and inside and offer an insulating material. The blankets can be screwed or glued.

Advice on sound insulation

Sound insulation and acoustic optimization are specialized fields. A specialist workshop should be consulted who understands sound insulation for the car interior and knows exactly what is allowed and what is not. When buying, attention should be paid to quality sound insulation.

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Soundproofing noise reduction insulation 4 The possibilities for soundproofing for the interior!

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