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Tip: Pay attention to the quality when buying spare parts!

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Brembo Greentive® brake disc mirror effect tuning tip: When buying spare parts, pay attention to the quality!

In cars, wearing parts need to be worn after a certain period of time exchanged become. In some cases, the replacement can be done by yourself. These include, for example, the Replacement of worn windshield wipers and the replacement of defective light bulbs. Refilling liquids such as Engine coolant and windscreen washer fluid is also one of the activities that can be carried out in the garage at home. Both with the refillable liquids as well as the spare parts but should definitely be on Quality be respected. Anyone who cannot get the right spare parts from a local specialist dealer is dependent on ordering online. But how can the spare parts be ordered to match the vehicle?

Note the differences in the spare parts

The spare part must match the vehicle type fit, which is why it is important to get the correct replacement part after ordering online. It will be here between reconditioned spare parts, Original parts, IdentShare and Replica parts differentiated. The Vehicle age is an important factor in the choice of spare parts. Original spare parts are mainly for new vehicles recommendable. Furthermore, the Vehicle warranty when choosing the spare part. It is also possible that the repair and replacement of vehicle parts will be carried out in a specialist workshop during the warranty period have. If the warranty conditions are not observed, this can result in Suspend or expire the guarantee. For example, if a engine failure occurs after the replacement of a motor vehicle part and the installation of the replacement part was not carried out in a workshop approved during the guarantee period, then a free repair is often refused by the manufacturer.

Rough engine running Engine damage problem tip: When buying spare parts, pay attention to the quality!

Online retailers offer cheap automotive spare parts and can point out alternatives. With Replica or identity parts the interested tuner can save money. Ident parts are automotive parts that function and build like the original spare parts are the same. Replica parts resemble on the other hand the original parts, but are usually can not be produced according to the manufacturer's specifications. Replica parts should only be used if they are can not be is a safety-relevant spare part. Safety-relevant spare parts are, for example, the brakes.

What are the advantages of buying spare parts online?

The spare part can be purchased online from various providers. A quick price comparison is possible on most platforms and a possible return of the spare parts is usually free of charge. Refurbished replacement parts are usually only available from manufacturers. The processed variants are mostly taken from older vehicles and are used for vehicles that are no longer in production and for which original parts are produced was discontinued. Air conditioning compressors, alternators or gearboxes are common in older vehicles reconditioned offered.

Online shop ordering notebook tuning parts workshop 3 Tip: Pay attention to the quality when buying spare parts!

When are used spare parts interesting?

Used spare parts are interesting for vehicles that can not be belong to the newest models. Used vehicles lose their value quickly, but replacement parts are often bought with constant associated with high costs if originals are to be used. Used spare parts can then represent a cost-effective alternative. The purchase of used spare parts can lead to problems if you buy from dubious suppliers. Such parts are also often offered on classifieds markets. Here you should carefully weigh up what you buy there and what you prefer to order in a specialist store (whether online or locally).

Buying on the Internet - caution is advised

If you buy from a dealer, you usually have one Guarantee claim and there is also one Exchange option. Anyone who buys from a private person has no guarantee und auch das Right of exchange falls away. Therefore, the purchase of used components from a private person should always be done via collection. This means that there is at least the opportunity to take a close look at the component in advance. But here too, of course, there remains a clear one Residual risk available. It is also important to always pay attention to the reviews from the seller.

defective brake disc broken spare part tip: When buying spare parts, pay attention to the quality!

What is the e-passport?

Certain automotive parts require one Test stamp. The test stamp can be accessed via the "European type approval"And applies, for example, to interior add-on parts or body parts. The test stamp contains a check digit and must be readable be. The check digit indicates approval for vehicle types and intended use. Instead of the obligation to provide evidence of the ABE, the e-passport (ECE approval) introduced. Spare parts that are subject to an ABE verification obligation must undergo a general inspection and accordingly be allowed. Testing and approval are time-consuming and it can happen that the built-in vehicle part does not pass the general inspection. In this case, the vehicle must be in its original condition be reset.

ECE approval tuning 2 Tip: When buying spare parts, pay attention to the quality!

Matching spare part - certification and accuracy of fit

When buying should be on Certifications be respected. Furthermore, the fit be given with the spare parts. Of course that is also optics of the spare part is important. It is advisable to choose a vehicle spare part that visually matches the vehicle. In addition to certification, appearance and accuracy of fit, it is also important high quality spare parts to purchase from reputable sellers.

Replace defective exhaust 1 Tip: Pay attention to the quality when buying spare parts!

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