Spark plugs and their different heat ratings!

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Spark plug heat values ​​NGK Laser Iridium Premium 3

The thermal endurance the spark plug is powered by the Heat value marked. A working temperature in the range of 400 to 850 degrees is required by the candle's porcelain insulator base to function properly. Is the temperature under 400 degrees, then various deposits such as oil, carbon or soot are deposited over time. These deposits prevent the formation of a clean ignition spark. And is the temperature higher than 850 degrees, can glow ignitions occur at the insulator. As a result, the electrodes wear out very quickly. If the heat value of the spark plug increases, then reduced the tendency to glow ignition increases, but the risk of contamination increases. If the heat value drops, it is susceptible to glow ignition, but there is a risk of contamination less.

NGK Laser Iridium Premium

Spark plug heat values ​​NGK Laser Iridium Premium 3

The calorific value depends on the firing temperature. When the engine is running, the electrodes and the insulators of the candles become one due to the combustion temperature medium working temperature brought. Here, the material of the center electrode has a major influence on the thermal conductivity. If silver or nickel alloys with copper shafts are present, then the insulator can be lengthened if a constant heat value is available. The working range of such a spark plug is extended towards low temperatures. Such a spark plug is particularly suitable for strong changing operating conditions. If combustion and ignition misfires are reduced, this results in an advantage in the area of ​​exhaust gas values.

Design and calorific value: short insulator feet have plugs with a low calorific value

Spark plug heat values ​​NGK Laser Iridium Premium 1

Unfortunately, nowadays there still is none Uniform standardization of the manufacturers on the subject Identification of the heat values. At Bosch, for example, a increasing number also signals an increasing heat value. With Champion and NGK it's the other way around, here fällt the calorific value with increasing numbering.

info: The pictures show a spark plug from NGK higher calorific value. However, this was "reworked" again and adapted to the conditions of a heavily tuned N63B44 V8 engine from a BMW.

Spark plug heat values ​​NGK Laser Iridium Premium 3

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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