The spark plug when tuning: it is important to pay attention

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Speedkore 1970er Dodge Charger Tantrum 2 The spark plug when tuning: it should be noted

The spark plug has only a marginal "performance enhancing" effect. Nevertheless, tuned vehicles need a new spark plug that meets the requirements. Above all, the combustion temperature is now higher, which is why a spark plug with adjusted heat value is needed. The spark plug: small part, big effect!The appropriate heat value must usually be determined by yourself. This succeeds through test drives and experience. Because the various manufacturers now use a whole range of different markings, vehicle owners should first be carefully informed about the individual identifiers. If you are unsure, get help in car forums or at friendly tuners.

Which spark plug do I need?

Basically, the spark plug must meet the requirements in terms of materials, thread pitch, dimensions, heat resistance and ignition speed. Often the vehicle manual recommends different spark plugs. Of course, a manual adjustment is always necessary, depending on which changes have already been made to the vehicle.
Not recommended are spark plugs with iron-nickel-chromium alloy. These models are cheap, but not durable and can withstand the temperatures of a tuned car not long. Better are spark plugs made of silver, platinum or iridium. The best choice is to use spark plugs with multiple ground electrodes. Then the stream has an alternative path, it should come despite regular test drives once to deposits.

Spark plug tuning spark plug custom 3 The spark plug during tuning: this is important

Change spark plug: what to look for?

The spark plug is considered a key part in tuning. It must be adapted to the other internals, so that really the maximum is taken out of the tuned car. Even when removing the spark plug it should be noted to which cylinder it belongs. The new spark plug can then be easily installed. Tip: Spark plugs that reach a temperature of at least 400 degrees Celsius burn off any deposits themselves. A motorway journey is usually sufficient to remove possible residues. On this occasion, the other internals can be tested. Whether the spark plug meets the increasing combustion temperature can be determined after just a few journeys. The spark plug is an integral part of the tuning. Above all, who makes changes to the vehicle performance, must always keep the small components in view. Replacement is necessary if spark plugs and combustion temperature do not match. Before installing the new spark plugs, it is important to research carefully, so that the tuned car later on without misfires is on the way.

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