What are you allowed to do with spoilers on the vehicle?

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Since 1953, spoilers for vehicles have been offered for installation, with interest increasing when the first spoiler (back then for the VW Beetle) within limits. One reason for this was that the promised advantage, that of driving in reality, could not be kept. The opposite was even the case - the aerodynamics deteriorated when driving and the increased weight, due to the "extra part", consumed more fuel. Nowadays, tuning your own car (or even a second car) has become a hobby and adding spoilers is interesting. But many may be wondering – what options are there for my car and what is permitted by law? You will find the right answers in our clear guide. Spoilers and wings: aren't they the same? No, the air only flows around a spoiler from one side. Are there different kinds of spoiler types? Yes, a distinction is made between front and front spoilers, wheel spoilers, rear spoilers and side spoilers. Why are spoilers installed? The tuning using spoilers serves to minimize air resistance.

Jewelry, but for the car

Attention: Spoilers and wings are often used as one term, but these are two different pairs of shoes. When it comes to tuning, the wing is particularly interesting. The difference is this: With the spoiler, the air only flows on one side and can thus improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle styrene. On the other hand, with wings, the air can on both sides past the construction – both above and below. This will be the required contact pressure allows. If you attach spoilers to the car - be it on the rear, front or on the roof, this affects the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle at higher speeds. In order to obtain these desired changes, however, it is necessary to drive at least 100 km/h. If the spoiler works properly, the contact pressure from the vehicle onto the road increases and at the same time the air resistance is minimized. Basically, the air flow around the vehicle changes! This results in a improved road holding, from the vehicle, at higher speeds.

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In addition to the technical advantage of a spoiler, the optics a role. A nice spoiler and the vehicle looks ready for the next race. Regardless of whether you opt for a spoiler for technical or visual reasons - note that the conversion reliable and allowed have to be. Illegal conversions on the vehicle can lead to the Insurance coverage expires or even the vehicle shut down is.

Front, back, side, rear? Forms of spoilers!

  • Front- or Belly pan can reduce drag and lift on the front axle. There is an improvement in the drive, which comes about through an optimization of the power conversion. This arises due to the higher contact pressure the tire on the road. The air that is deflected can even be used to give the engine additional cooling.

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Would you like to mount a front spoiler on the vehicle? Then you should make sure that there is enough space between the road and the lower edge of the car and that it does not sit on the road.

  • rear spoiler to reduce the lift on the rear axle. This prevents the rear axle from breaking out at higher speeds. This type of spoiler is very popular among tuners.

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse rear spoiler

  • wheel spoiler are attached in front of or behind the respective wheel and at best they optimize the aerodynamic properties of the wheel.

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  • side skirts (sill Swords) are attached to the sides of the vehicle. Fixing them also reduces soiling of the door areas. But they can also achieve a small aerodynamic effect in combination with other spoilers.

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The material of spoilers goes from carbon to metal to plastics.

Effect by attached spoilers

Ride quality can be optimized with increased downforce and air deflection. The transfer of the tire forces is better brought to the road. Curves are more comfortable to drive and the Braking distance may be better balanced than no spoilers. This is due to the better adhesion of the wheels - the braking forces start to act sooner and the braking time is reduced at best. If you choose aerodynamic spoilers, you can drag be minimized. Basically amplify conventional spoilers for road use but the air resistance and thus the fuel consumption increases. The positive effects of a spoiler can usually only be felt from a speed of 100 km/h.

This also applies to racing vehicles. If you drive your car through city traffic every day, you can expect increased air resistance, which leads to a increased fuel consumption leads. So installing a spoiler isn't really worth it, since there's usually a speed limit on Germany's roads. And if the roads are not in perfect condition, damage often occurs, especially to front spoilers. For these reasons, one should be aware of the disadvantages before installing a spoiler. The biggest advantage is certainly the improved appearance from the vehicle!

Do you want to install a spoiler on the car?

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If you want to manufacture and attach a spoiler yourself, you must have it checked by TÜV. Even if the possibility of self-construction exists in principle, it does not make sense or is even economical. But you can usually install a spoiler on your own. While getting minor spoilers can also stick, larger ones require a more solid installation using screws, rivets, welding and the like. In addition, the following things must be fulfilled: You need one General operating license for vehicle parts (ABE) as well as a Teilegutachten, so that not only for your special vehicle, but also at EU level everything corresponds to the guidelines. If it is a custom-made product, it must be checked by a testing organization (Keyword: individual acceptance).

Table of fines illegal spoilers

Features StrafePoints
Driving without a valid operating license50 Euros
Exceeding the permissible dimensions60 Euros1

And another point to consider is the dimensions of the vehicle, which may change due to the installation of the spoiler. These must continue to comply with the StVZO. It is best if the spoiler does not stick out on any side and does not change the dimensions of the vehicle. If you have the OK from TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ and the entry of the change in the vehicle documents, you no longer have to worry about anything. After the conversion, the ABE of the vehicle and the insurance cover continue to apply! Probably the most famous car film series "The Fast and the Furios" is known for its striking, light, wide and sharp-edged aluminum spoiler (especially the big rear spoiler). In Germany, however, these huge chip counters have been banned for years, as there is an increased risk of injury to pedestrians in the event of an accident with such a tuned vehicle. Basically, the standard vehicle body is shaped in such a way that, in extreme cases, a pedestrian or a cyclist can easily roll off the surface. However, if sharp-edged aluminum spoilers were present, this function would be disabled.

Spoilers - for a better look!

If you absolutely want to attach a spoiler because of the improved optics, but avoid rising fuel costs, you can do so in the so-called "dead water area" to do. The term comes from fluid dynamics and means the position on the vehicle where the main flow occurs is not available. So not in the direct flow path. If that were the case, then the air resistance – and thus the fuel consumption – would increase. Of the dead water area located at the bottom of the rear window. The air resistance generated by a rear spoiler is particularly low here.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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