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Sports steering wheel tuning

There are different ways you can tune your car. Optics but also performance are two decisive factors. A sports steering wheel is an excellent purchase because it has an impact on both areas. The sport steering wheel changes the look of the car in the driver's compartment. Anyone who sees the sports steering wheel there perceives you as an ambitious motorist and individualist. In addition, you can keep the vehicle, which also has more horsepower, easier to control. Thus you prevent accidents and increase the feeling at the same time. Since you can now control the car better, you also save money, because there is no damage caused by imprecise maneuvers. You just have to be nice ^ ^

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of sports steering wheels?

A sports steering wheel has an average diameter of 25 to 30 cm. Due to the reduced size, even the smallest impulses, which bring about a change in direction, suffice. So it also relieves your muscles, which is why you have more endurance. A big advantage on the racetrack. This is very important if you are using your car for races that go a long distance or where the highest precision is necessary. The more direct and quicker execution of the commands means that you always have control in critical situations and can prevail against a rival or the clock. You learn to drive with a sports steering wheel in no time, but you have to pay attention to the change, since even the smallest changes have big consequences.

How about the approval out?

This is included with every sports steering wheel suitable for road traffic. You must always have them with you when you drive your car. Since tuned cars are known to get into police checks faster, it is important that you can always hand over and present the necessary papers to the officers. If you don't have them with you, you can expect fines. In the worst case scenario, it can even be stopped immediately, as you are only able to drive if you present this document. And especially with a steering wheel, you keep an eye on it.

popular model of sports steering wheels:

  • Nardi Deep Corn
  • MOMO Heritage Indy
  • MOMO R1909_33S
  • Sparco 015TRGL1TUV
  • NRG Innovations Deep Disc
  • Grant 415 Challenger

Even if you are at the TÜV present you have to give permission for the sports steering wheel to the inspectors. They check the information and take them into account in the review. Before a sports steering wheel goes on sale, there are tests by the TÜV. Since there are many sports steering wheels on the market, not all are certified yet. This is especially true for foreign models and for bowl variants the case and also if a Snap-off system to come. Therefore, make sure that the sports steering wheel is also allowed in Germany and the EU. Also report to your car insurance company that you are using a sports steering wheel for which you have a permit. Otherwise there will be difficulties in the event of damage.

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