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Tuning almost always there - sports mirror for individualists

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Sport Mirror Car Tuning Sport Mirror Car When tuning almost always there sports mirror for individualists

Sports mirrors are part of the optical tuning of a vehicle. They enhance its appearance and are a real eye-catcher. The exterior mirrors of the vehicle have an exposed position per se, because they protrude and thus mark the maximum width of the car. Of course, they are also at risk: accidentally touching a wall by car (mostly in underground car park entrances), but also in parking lot bumps or wanton vandalism it always hits the mirror first. They are damaged and need to be replaced.

Sport Mirror Car Tuning Sport Mirror Car 2 Sport tuning for individualists

Exposed position of the sports mirror

This would be an opportunity, for example, to opt for sports mirrors and thus significantly enhance the car. Stylish new exterior mirrors give the vehicle a powerfully dynamic and modern appearance. Their different designs allow an individualization of the vehicle. Sports mirrors can be manually or electrically adjustable and bring flashing LEDs, the colors and shapes are very differentiated. They are always an eye-catcher, they are preferred by vehicle owners who do not meet the standard of the world. Of course, like every exterior mirror, they fulfill the primary function of excellent rear view visibility. They can be assembled in a few simple steps. For attachment, special adapter plates are supplied, which receive sports mirrors. Of course, the tuning workshop also takes over the assembly.

Sport Mirror Car Tuning Sport Mirror Car 3 Sport tuning for individualists

Sports mirror for individualists

The optical tuning with sports mirrors is a relatively inexpensive way to give the vehicle a dynamic face. Some drivers use them as a stand-alone highlight, but they can also be integrated into a comprehensive tuning concept. They are available in universal form for all models or for special brands. An alternative would be the mirror caps, which are even cheaper than accentuated highlights. Exterior mirrors are usually painted in the body color or black. Deviating mirror caps are immediately striking. Carbon mirror caps underline a very sporty standard, with stainless steel caps making the car look luxurious. Of course, anyone who chooses sports mirrors does not need mirror caps, which are only suitable for standard mirrors. Finally, there is the cheapest option nor the foliation. Here there are almost no limits and with a little skill, the foliation of a mirror cap is also to accomplish. Whatever the decision turns out to be: it leads to more sporty individuality in the visual appearance of the car.

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