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Retrofitting sports safety belts - what is there to pay attention to?

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Many are the sports safety belts (Also called harness straps) a term. The H-shaped strap makes the interior of the vehicle appear sportier and is especially popular with newcomers to the tuning scene. However, there are some aspects to consider when buying and installing. These are explained in the following article.

Special features of sports safety belts

Schroth Seat Belts Sports Belts Tuning Sports Retrofitting Seat Belts What is there to consider?

There are different types of seat belts. These differ mainly in the number of fixation points. An 2 point harness, for example, is used in the aircraft and secures only the pelvic area. 3 point belts are the most used and can be found in every conventional car. Sports straps are usually 3 to 6 point straps, depending on the version. Possible here is a belt system with central locking. This kind is also used with child seats for toddlers. If it is an 6 point belt, this additionally has a slip protection. In addition, it must be distinguished whether they are rigid belts or straps with an automatic roller. As the name suggests, the rigid straps are adjusted once and then remain in that position. The version with an automatic roller, on the other hand, allows for some freedom in movement.

Tanaka Seat Belts Sports Belts Tuning Sport Seat Belts Retrofit What is there to consider?

Advantages & disadvantages of sports harnesses

As with many things, the look is a matter of taste. Some like the sporty look, others can not be enthusiastic about it. A neutral point, then. Often, the 4 point variants are classified as unsafe because the occupant could slip under the impact below. Thus, an additional punctual backup is needed. However, in the event of an impact, it could affect the genital area. In addition, the belts are promised weaknesses in side accidents. In general, however, these aspects are highly dependent on the potential accident. Thus, a H-belt is said to be very safe in a frontal impact. The rigid straps described above suffer freedom of movement while riding. After all, these must always be on suspense in order to be able to secure the occupants in the worst case.

Harness belts Seat belts Sport belts Retrofitting sport belts Retrofit What needs to be considered?

What is there to consider with harness straps?

The prices start at around 320 euros and are almost limitless upwards. Installation should only be carried out by specialist personnel, as it is a life-saving element of the vehicle. Often the straps come in combination with one Roll cage to use or at least with a special one harness bar, Registration is sometimes not necessary if the vehicle can be found in the supplied general operating and type approval. However, this is often not the case, so that an acceptance must take place. If in doubt, a TÜV or Dekra office should be sought.

Harness belts seat belts sport belts tuning 2 sport seat belts retrofit What is to be considered?

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