More sportiness through the chassis - structure and effects of a sports chassis

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Sports suspensions are a separate type of landing gear for cars. In particular, by changing shock absorbers and springs, the sports suspension differ from other chassis. Generally, a distinction is made between sports, treadmills and aeronauticals. The differences in the types of suspension are mainly relevant in the use of the vehicle, where the strengths and weaknesses of a sports suspension can be felt.

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Differences to other suspensions

The manufacturer changed the springs and shock absorbers to produce a sportiness through the chassis, in contrast to a normal suspension. Mostly a lowering is accompanied by the conversion to a sports suspension, so that the car is lower on the road. This means that the spring has a smaller spring travel, as it is finally shorter. However, to avoid hitting the body at the depth of the vehicle, in most cases, the spring rate is increased by using thicker spring wire. This makes the spring firmer and less compressible than the conventional spring.

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The shock absorbers are an important component for a good driving behavior of a vehicle. They dampen the car at bumps and inclinations. If the spring is shortened in a sports suspension, the shock absorber is correspondingly shorter. This ensures that there is a lower damping path. Also, the combination of spring and shock absorber must provide enough preload, so that the spring is not relieved, otherwise the unloaded spring could move out of the spring plate in the worst case. A distinction is made between pre-assembled shock absorbers, where the damping is preset, and adjustable shock absorbers, the damping of which is manually adjustable.

The effects of a sports suspension on driving behavior

A sports suspension typically provides better road holding. The car should stick as possible on the road, for example, to drive curves at a higher speed. A sports suspension can provide for faster and curvy rides so for more safety of the driver. Due to the tighter chassis, it is often the case that bumps or potholes make more noticeable in the interior of the vehicle. That is why a sports suspension is often said to reduce the comfort of a car.

Also for optical reasons, a sports suspension can pay off. It can provide a lowering of the vehicle, which is an absolute must for many tuning enthusiasts! Many cars that are sold by the manufacturer as a sports car, already have a built-in sports suspension. Of course it is also possible to retrofit a sports suspension. It should be informed in advance if the selected chassis is compatible with your own car.

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