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Spring cleaning of the car: eight mistakes you can avoid!

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Many people place a high value on a clean car, above all Tuning lovers. But when cleaning their vehicle, many people make easy-to-avoid mistakes that leave behind unsightly marks, scratches and sometimes dirt. As soon as the weather clears up again, which is usually the case with the beginning of spring, most drivers free their vehicles from wintry dirt and salt residues. In addition, you want to be able to marvel at the beauty of your car on tours, which is why the vehicle should appear in a high gloss. tuningblog shows you what to watch out for when cleaning your car in spring to avoid unnecessary mistakes! We have compiled a list of nine common errors and at the same time provide important information on how to avoid them.

General tips:

  1. Always remove the coarse dirt first and then concentrate on the finer points.
  2. Both the car wash and hand wash are effective and both protect the paintwork.
  3. The paint should be checked at regular intervals to prevent corrosion and blemishes.

Mistake 1: Only clean aluminum rims with rim brushes or simple car detergent

From the point of view of many motorists, the simple care for the rims of the car is sufficient Brush cleaning by Car wash. But they can't get into every crack in the rim and always leave some of the dirt behind, which mainly consists of unsightly and stubborn brake dust. This is precisely why you should clean the beautiful aluminum rims again with special rim cleaners in order to remove the remaining dirt. Only then do the rims shine as you had hoped. It is important to note Exposure times study the cleaner. This is the only way to achieve an optimal result. It is worth investing a little more in a high-quality rim cleaner, as the dissolving power is significantly higher than with cheaper products.

Wheel rims cleaner application washing cleaning water e1607511237230 spring cleaning of the car: eight mistakes you can avoid!

Tip: How to use the rim cleaner correctly and that is what it is in the car wash or in the self-service wash box to be observed.

Mistake 2: Only clean the outside of the car windows

The window cleaning from the outside is obvious and is done by almost every driver. But many forget that the discs are also on the inside Can accumulate dirt. Especially in winter it is important to clean the inside of the windows regularly, as the heating air creates a milky film of lubricant. For this can simply Window cleaner can be applied and the dirt removed with a microfiber cloth.

Sonax ANTI FOG SPRAY Test against fogged car windows Application 1 Spring cleaning of the car: Eight mistakes you can avoid!
Clean with window cleaner

Tip: This is how the car windows are cleaned properly and this is how you correctly apply a nano pane seal.

Mistake 3: no care for rubber seals on the doors

As mentioned in the introduction, many drivers forget a few important points when cleaning. So too Rubber seals of the doors. These are heavily stressed by temperature fluctuations, especially between summer and winter. This can cause them to become brittle over time, resulting in cracks and the seal no longer fulfilling its purpose. To avoid this, the coarse dirt should first be removed with water and a cloth. Then you wear one Care lotion so that the rubbers stay nice and supple.

Rubber care rubber seal car winter spring spring cleaning of the car: eight mistakes you can avoid!

Tip: This is how the rubber seals are properly cared for by the vehicle.

Mistake 4: Many people think the air conditioner does not need maintenance

This misconception is widespread among motorists. Do you ever have yours Air conditioning self serviced? Most people should answer this question for themselves No answer, which is not surprising. But especially after the winter months, the air conditioning should definitely be used disinfected become. Many assume that the air conditioning is only used to cool the interior in summer, which is wrong. For this reason, the air conditioning is shut down during the winter months, which is noticeable when it is first started after the winter with an unpleasant smell from the ventilation.

The trigger for this are Bacteria and fungithat have deposited and developed during the standstill. To remove these and protect yourself from them, you need a Disinfection be performed. Special cleaners can be purchased for this purpose, which only have to be sprayed directly onto the evaporator or evaporate in the interior. Then the car has to be ventilated again. In addition, coolant for the air conditioning system, every two years at the latestto be refilled.

Cleaning the air conditioning Service stinks circulating air e1618225873464 Spring cleaning of the car: eight mistakes you can avoid!

Tip: This is how the air conditioning system is properly maintained and cleaned.

Mistake 5: no car paint seal applied

Car washing is important to protect the paintwork of the car from external influences such as dirt and bird droppings. That is why you should try to clean all parts of the body as much as possible. This is followed by a Lacquer sealing to guess. Because these mostly out Wax The existing protective layer prevents new dirt particles from being deposited on the paint and also protects against corrosion. The is no later than every two years Wax layer to be applied, at best by hand. If the varnish looks matt after washing, it should be polished before waxing in order to restore the old shine. One more info: Best for waxing Wax with UV protection choose!

Ceramic sealing car Spring cleaning of the car: eight mistakes you can avoid!

Tip: This is how hand washing works on the car and that is what it is to be observed when sealing the paint.

Mistake 6: Use winter windscreen cleaner in summer and vice versa

The misconception that the division into winter and summer window cleaners only exists to increase the manufacturer's sales is unfortunately widespread but wrong. Because the respective cleaner has additives that ensure an optimal cleaning result for the window in the right season. Just in Winter it is dangerous to drive with summer windscreen cleaner because it no frost protection contains. As a result, when you try to clean the pane, the agent can freeze onto the pane and noticeably reduce visibility. The same applies to the reverse use of the winter cleaner in summer. When wiping, the cleaner forms a film of lubricant on the windshield, which also affects visibility. So be careful when choosing a cleaner!

Washer fluid headlight wiper antifreeze e1606134448390 Spring cleaning of the car: eight mistakes you can avoid!

Tip: This must be taken into account with frost protection for the windshield wiper system.

Error 7: Do not check the levels of oil, water etc.

If you are already busy with car care, it is best to do that right away Fill levels Check all relevant fluids in the car. Most important are oil level, coolant and water for the windshield wipers. Refilling takes only a small amount of time, but has a great effect in that it primarily protects the corresponding engine and vehicle parts.

Coolant Glysofor Frostschutz Tuning 2 e1578634922368 Spring cleaning of the car: eight mistakes you can avoid!

Tip: That's how it works Engine oil changed / topped up, this is how to check the coolant and There is some information about brake fluid here.

Error 8: Do not check the air pressure of the summer tires

If the winter tires are exchanged for summer tires on your own, a common mistake is forgetting to check the air pressure. Even if the summer tires were stored with the correct air pressure in autumn, this is no guarantee that the air pressure will still be correct six months later. It is therefore essential to check the air pressure after changing tires.

Tip: This must be taken into account when changing the wheels and also regarding We have gathered some information about the correct air pressure.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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