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Cars for state sponsors / state guests: The state car!

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Armor Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 W463A Tuning 7 cars for state sponsors / state guests: The state body!

State cars were earlier Magnificent carriageswith which the nobility drove up in four or six horses. In this respect, the German word is derived from the French and comes from the word carosse. Even today, Queen Elizabeth II still drives to celebrations in her carriage. But what actually is a state car? State cars are available as armored special protection vehicles from local manufacturers or as splendid ones Landaulets. In this respect there are some regionally Differences. The vehicles are controlled always of a Driver. In addition, there is always one Standard set. For example, many armored vehicles can be found at the annual economic forum in Davos. Angela Merkel also drives her in Davos armored Audi as do business giants, kings and other heads of state. The armored vehicles usually look optically solid like ordinary luxury cars. However, the vehicles are highly secured. And for example the look at the Window frames of the slices also suggests this in some cars. You are significantly stronger!

Armored vehicles from Mercedes

Mercedes 600 W 100 cars for state sponsors / state guests: The state car!

Mercedes poses armored vehicles since the 1920s and has one in this area very large wealth of experiencefrom which Mercedes also benefits economically. Already the Mercedes Nürburg 460 from the W 08 series was available as an armored vehicle. Mercedes manufactures armored vehicles for global sales. Emperor Hirohito got himself one secured in the 1930s Mercedes 770 deliver to Japan and was the first international head of state that could be driven with this vehicle. In addition, Mercedes was still producing Armored vehicles engines of the Type 500. In the mid-1960s, the Mercedes 600 W 100 and Armored vehicle delivered. Many nations used the Mercedes as a State limousine. All vehicles that Mercedes delivered in special protective equipment have a heavy one Steel armorlocated on the doors and body panels. All of the vehicle's glass fronts are made of one centimeter thick bulletproof glass.

Mercedes 600 W100 Pullman

The Mercedes 600 W 100 Pullman was presented in 1963 and became a popular special protection limousine. Business greats, celebrities, kings, sheikhs, stars and politicians liked the shape and elegance of the model with its numerous glass surfaces. The vehicle was used as a state limousine in Germany until the early 1990s. State guests such as Lady Di, the Japanese Emperor and John Paul II were chauffeured by Wolfgang Wöstendieck. In the years from 1971 to 1993 there were a total of four drivers who were allowed to drive the state car regularly. The Foreign Office ordered Wolfgang Wöstendieck and the black Pullman directly from Mercedes in Stuttgart for visits by high-ranking state guests. The license plate number of the sedan was S-VC 600. In total, the Pullman was produced from 1963 to 1981 2677 times.

Mercedes 600 W100 Pullman e1609323247220 Cars for state sponsors / state guests: The state coach!

No current special vehicle - BMW 7 Series

BMW has not designed a tank variant for the current 7 Series. If you would like to be chauffeured in a BMW, you have to fall back on the previous models (see photo), such as the 750 Li or 760 Li, as the BMW 750LiS High Security (F03). The only way to drive an armored BMW 7 Series of the current series would be to have it re-armored by a specialist company. Trasco also offers the BMW 7 Series as a hybrid tank in light tank form. Angela Merkel is chauffeured in the tank version of the Audi A8 W 12. The tank models are safe against explosives, grenade fire and automatic weapons. The Audi vehicles do not burst when they are shot at. The tires are specially designed and have special run-flat properties. Even if the tires are destroyed, bodyguards can still safely bring the armored vehicle out of danger. The Federal President, Walter Steinmeier, can be driven to appointments in an older BMW 7 Series or a Mercedes S 600.

BMW 750LiS High Security F03 cars for state sponsors / state guests: The state car!
BMW 750LiS High Security F03

Putin in the Pullman

President Putin likes to drive his Pullman himself. Until a few years ago he was chauffeured in a Mercedes 600 SEL W 140. Then came the successor model, the Pullman Type 221. He likes to steer it himself now and then. Other politicians of the 80s, such as Helmut Kohl or Richard von Weizsäcker, were chauffeured 500 SEL W 126 models lined in flock velor. The business elite, on the other hand, already used the tank models of the Mercedes 560 SEL. There was already a fully electric single seat system in the rear.

Nami Aurus Senate with Posche V8 from Vladimir Putin Cars for state sponsors / state guests: The state car!
In 2020 Putin Nami Aurus Senat will drive a Porsche V8

USA: The Beast - The Cadillac One

With the election of Barack Obama as US President in 2009, General Motors launched a new The Beast model. It is the best secured limousine in the world for the protection of the President. The optical basis of the Beast is a Cadillac STS. However, the visual similarities only relate to the lights and the radiator grille. The Beast has been redesigned in such a way that it has no other similarities with the base model. When Donald Trump took office in January 2017, he was to receive a new limousine as his successor. However, this has not happened yet. Donald Trump uses a Chevrolet Tahoe / Suburban, which is available as an armored SUV. When traveling in Europe, the bodyguards drive in specially secured Mercedes G models or BMW X5 vehicles.

Cadillac One Beast Donald Trump Tuning 2018 5 e1538042502218 Cars for state sponsors / state guests: The state car!

Secured Mercedes S-Class

Many business leaders and politicians use the armored structures of the Mercedes S-Class. These are less representative, but safe. The former W 116 chrome series is popular. But the modern W 126 or the more opulent Mercedes W 140 are also popular. The advantage of the Mercedes models is that you are not only very safe in them. The models are also extremely convenient and comfortable. In the 1970s, the bodyguards from the BKA and the police often drove in the W 116 models, the Mercedes 350 SE. At that time, politicians used the more powerful Mercedes 450 SEL, which has a longer wheelbase. In 1977 the Bavarian Prime Minister Franz-Josef Strauss had two armored BMW 733i built. This was supposed to express the connection to his state, although he was actually more of an avowed Mercedes fan.

BMW 733i armored cars for state sponsors / state guests: The state car!

DS7 Crossback from Macron

Macron was already chauffeured through Paris in his newly armored DS7 Crossback. In Davos, many celebrities from all over the world have the opportunity once a year to make a grand entrance in armored limousines. Macron received his new armored vehicle right after his election as French President. Macron often takes other appointments in the heavily armored Renault Espace. Visually, the vehicles look like normal production models. However, the special vehicles have little in common with the heavy armored vehicles from Citroën / Peugeot / DS or Renault. The doors and hoods are reinforced with carbon, steel and Kevlar. All glass fronts consist of centimeter-thick bulletproof glass. The choice of material means that the vehicles are also ideally suited to heavy shelling.

DS7 Crossback macron cars for state sponsors / state guests: The state car!

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Cadillac Type 34 A Town Sedan Al Capone Armor Tuning 36 cars for state carriers / state guests: The state car!

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