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Steampunk tuning: does it exist? What is that, actually?

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Steampunk Bike wood paneling George Woodman Garage Tuning Yamaha 1 Steampunk Tuning: Does that exist? What is that, actually?

Steampunk is primarily one Style direction! With tuning, this style usually has only once nothing to do. It is a term that has established itself in the literature and has become increasingly important. But what does steampunk mean? And where does the word come from? And what does it have to do with auto tuning? From the term Steampunk, which comes from literature, has a Art and lifestyle developed. The term is made up of the words steam and punk (worthless, lousy, independent).

Steampunk: a retro-futuristic style!

Steampunk Tuning Teslapunk Atompunk Steampunk Tuning: Does it exist? What is that, actually?

  • As a retro-futuristic term, it is made up of elements different eras together: elements from the Past as well as aspects of Future.
  • From the Past the steampunk puts on fashionable elements engines of the Victorian era. These are skirts, elegant gloves and top hats. There are also futuristic elements such as Aviator goggles, Cyborg body parts and Steam- or Gear mechanism Commitment.
  • The term Steampunk goes on the authors Jules Verne and HG Wells who have shaped him significantly. Their assumptions about future technology, coupled with elements of the past, were way ahead of their time.
  • In the literature were fantastic structures thought up how Steam engines, precise movements and mad scientistswho could make anything possible.
  • Punk usually denotes a striking one Clothing as well as a non-conformist Behavior. So one that opposes the collective. These elements can also be found in the Steampunk again. This means that both fashion and behavior are ahead of their time and therefore not up-to-date.

In which areas is steampunk also found?

Steampunk mad max Steampunk tuning: does it exist? What is that, actually?

After the steampunk entered the Literature had moved in, he found himself in the Clothing, Art and in the Photography again. But also in Auto tuning it found and is becoming more and more popular. Inspired by the possibilities of the authors Steampunk based works that gave retro-futurism a face.

  • Steampunk elements can be found in different genres again. It is sometimes more and sometimes less visible. As a special element, it is used in Comics, Computer games, Videos and Advertising employed.
  • Also in Film and video games he finds himself again. For example the video games Bioshock and all Fallout title. In the film there are stripes like M known, but also Fringe - Borderline cases of the FBI.
  • Steampunk is a superordinate term, from which subgenres are derived. Atomic punk with motifs from the Cold War or Tesla punk with elements from electricity and examples of such subgenres.

Steampunk tuning on the vehicle

Steampunk Edition Mercedes G63 AMG Carlex W463A Tuning 44 Steampunk Tuning: Does it exist? What is that, actually?

Steampunk tuning on the vehicle is basically expressed in the fact that the typical Steampunk style irgendwie an and / or in the vehicle is brought. It doesn't really matter which vehicle is refined. We already have that Steampunk bike with wood paneling from George Woodman Garage seen and of course we are crazy too Steampunk Edition based on the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG from Carlex-Design well remembered. A truck or a bus can also be refined in this way. On the unique G63 from Carlex, for example, there were references to blockbusters such as "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow", "Wild Wild West", "Van Helsing", "Steamboy" or "Mortal Engines: War of the Cities". With that, Carlex Design had an automotive work of art in manual work and create with a lot of ingenuity. The design concept with the use of Precious metals and precious stones as well as the many Gold in the noble Rose tone was still through a one-off Relief on the roofthat one Copper cover with Steampunk motifs is decorated. It's hard to believe that it was all handcrafted. And inside too, every millimeter shows the fantasy and gloom of the victorian time with decorated Leader, in Copper and rose gold coated parts as well as one Embroidery with Steampunk motifs. For us the ultimate Steampunk tuning Example.

Steampunk Edition Mercedes G63 AMG Carlex W463A Tuning 43 Steampunk Tuning: Does it exist? What is that, actually?

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Steampunk Edition Mercedes G63 AMG Carlex W463A Tuning 37 Steampunk Tuning: Does it exist? What is that, actually?

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Rocket Bunny Nissan S14 Silvia Boss NFS Heat Style Tuning 1 310x165 Steampunk Tuning: Does that exist? What is that, actually?

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