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More comfort when driving - the steering damper!

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Steering wheel hub extension Tuning sports steering wheel 2 More comfort when driving the steering damper!

Modern cars are equipped with a steering damper, which ensures that the steering wheel does not react extremely to every pothole and returns the bumps to the driver. The steering damper has a similar structure to the shock absorber, but is installed horizontally. The steering damper is attached to the steering linkage and the body of the vehicle. Interested tuners can retrofit improved steering dampers, for example for off-road vehicles, or a defective damper with improved replacement. The steering damping and the improved variants are discussed in more detail below.

replace original damping

Steering damper Steering damper tuning More comfort when driving the steering damper!

A steering damper prevents the steering wheel from reacting too strongly and being ripped out of the driver's hand if a pothole or other unevenness occurs in the floor. The steering damping ex works is generally sufficient for most vehicles. However, if the vehicle is tuned and equipped with more power and with new, larger tires and a new chassis, then improved steering damping can make sense if there has been some unrest in the vehicle since the conversion, although all the new components are working perfectly. An improved steering damper can replace the original and contribute to an optimal damping effect. The improved variants, which are suitable for vehicle tuning, are mainly from big tire advisable.

Properties of improved steering dampers

Steering damper Steering damper Tuning 2 More comfort when driving the steering damper!

The steering dampers should adjust themselves and achieve optimal damping. Improved steering dampers work, for example, with multiple valve systems (10 times, for example) and have a twin tube construction. The steering damper bushings should fit perfectly and be made of high-quality materials such as polyurethane. The improved systems generally adapt faster to bumps and can stabilize the steering extremely quickly. When buying an improved steering damper for the vehicle, attention should be paid to the dimensions and the piston diameter. Furthermore, products are commercially available that do not have a TÜV or ABE certificate. In order to achieve a possible individual acceptance, the dealers should be contacted directly, as indicated on the respective dealer's page, and it is also advisable to call an inspection organization in advance. When installing a vehicle with road approval, care should be taken not to lose the vehicle's operating license. A good damper reduces unwanted vibrations at higher speeds and contributes a lot to driving comfort. Anyone who regularly travels on the racetrack should not do so without an improved steering damper.

Steering damper with oil circulation system

An improved steering damper usually uses a twin tube system, which enables progressive damping. The Twin Tube System is an oil circulation system and the dampers run smoothly. Only when the shock is struck will it automatically harden. The oil contained in the system expands in volume due to the temperature change. An expansion tank, in which nitrogen is housed, ensures heat compensation (controlled). The damping is not negatively influenced by the heat compensation. No air bubbles can form in the oil and the damping remains constant thanks to the twin tube system. When using an improved steering damping, attention should be paid to suitable variants for the car. Steering dampers for other types of vehicles, such as motorcycles or ATVs, are also commercially available. In general, the dampers for motorcycles are more common and more common. Nevertheless, they are also available for cars. If you do not want to install the steering damping yourself, you should consult an experienced specialist or tuning workshop. It is also advisable to contact the dealer about component compatibility.

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iDisc tungsten carbide brake disc 2 310x165 More comfort when driving the steering damper!

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Tailgate step T Step Man Step Tuning e1582617284862 310x165 More comfort when driving the steering damper!

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BRABUS SHADOW 800 Mercedes G63 AMG MJ. 2019 Tuning 30 310x165 More comfort when driving the steering damper!

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Differentialk% C3% BChler Diffk% C3% BChlung Tuning e1582613608692 310x165 More comfort when driving the steering damper!

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Addition% C3% A4mpfer Gasd% C3% A4mpfer Gas Druckfeder Tuning 2 310x165 More comfort when driving the steering damper!

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No lift shift function Launch Control Tuning 310x165 More comfort when driving the steering damper!

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