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Stroker kits - a way to optimize engine performance

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Stroker Kit tuning 4 Stroker Kits a way to optimum engine performance

The so-called stroker kit describes within the subject tuning a retrofit option for the engine. These kits are especially popular with a V8 small block from Ford or Chevrolet. But these kits are also in demand for the Audi 1.8t, the Jeep 4.0 or the well-known 2JZ engines. In this conversion, there is an increase in the displacement, which gives the cylinder within the piston more room for up and down movements. Due to the greater freedom of movement of the cylinder, the engine finally gains in power. The technical transformation can be accomplished by replacing the crankshaft by a modified variant with crank pin closer to the center of rotation center. It should be noted, however, that there is a risk that the torque limits, at which the engine can still operate safely, fall.

different conversion options

Stroker Kit tuning stroker kits a way to optimum engine performance

The crankpins are the first major difference from the original equipment. In order for the modified variant to be installed, various conversion options are common. The first option is shortening the piston. This ensures that the piston, despite the change in the upper part of the cylinder is and thus a smooth flow is guaranteed. The second option is to choose a shorter bar. With it, the original piston can be used and a supernatural just that can be prevented. The third and final option is a shorter cylinder itself. By shortening the cylinder length, the position of the piston is shifted against the structure and adapted to the new design.

Advantages but also disadvantages

Stroker Kit tuning 3 Stroker Kits a way to optimum engine performance

There are advantages as well as disadvantages of this kind of reconstruction. First to the advantages. Due to the change of the crankshaft, the larger displacement increases the possible torque. This is reflected directly in the performance of the car. Stroker kits deliver particularly high increases over other variants. The disadvantage is the potentially higher wear. Because the stronger up and down movements of the cylinder at a constant time increases its speed. In combination with friction, this leads to a greater load on the engine components. Another shortcoming isin that the engine may no longer operate optimally in the range of high speeds due to the large displacement.

also for motorcycles or ATV engines

Stroker Kit tuning 2 Stroker Kits a way to optimum engine performance

To make the modifications described above, there are two possibilities. Either you order the appropriate components from a manufacturer in the form in which you need them. A complete stroker kit is supplied with which the installation can be made. Usually, such a kit consists of crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, piston pins, main bearings, rod bearings and piston rings together. Depending on requirements, crankshafts can also be cast or melted. The other option is to buy a standard crankshaft and modify it according to your own requirements. This may be attractive for motorcycles or ATV engines, for example.

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