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What you should definitely pay attention to when changing to summer tires!

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Changing tires, trolley jack, winter wheels, summer What you should definitely pay attention to when changing to summer tires!

In April is (actually) a good time to get away from the Change winter tires to summer tires. Of course, only if you don't All weather or All season tires . go But attention: Anyone who reaches for the wheel nut wrench should definitely avoid the typical mistakes.

Change to summer tires

Temperatures are slowly rising, spring begins. It's time again for drivers to change the tires. Of "O" to "O" - So from "October to Easter" is the rule of thumb, but this year it is pushed a little into the background. Because just now, on April 12.04.2021th, XNUMX, we have here in front of the editorial team a good 10 centimeters of fresh snow. As a rule, however, April is the right time to switch from winter to summer tires. When the temperatures rise regularly over 7 degrees Celsius rise, so does that fuel consumption and the wear the winter tire. Summer tires offer this at higher temperatures better grip and thus increase the safety and comfort of the vehicle.

summer tires winter tires What you should definitely pay attention to when changing to summer tires!

If you leave the wheel change to the professional and do not want to take any risks, you should make an appointment with the specialist workshop in good time. The exchange is done quickly and the work steps are not too difficult, but as with so much, the devil is in the detail. Damage to the vehicle can occur quickly during self-assembly and then it becomes significantly more expensive than visiting the workshop to change tires. In the worst case scenario, improperly mounted wheels put you at risk the safety of yourself and others.

Advantages when changing tires by the professional

In addition to the wheel change, a specialist workshop also checks the Axle geometry on the vehicle, checked tires for possible Imbalances and cleans the wheel hub. In addition, specialist workshops also offer the warehousing the winter tire, so you save transport and storage. Tip: It is important to pay attention to this when a tire change is due for a tire with TPMS.

summer tires winter tires tire change workshop e1618231640311 What you should pay attention to when changing to summer tires!

More safety through axis geometry measurement!

Driving through potholes can, without you even realizing it, one faulty axle geometry arise. As a result, the tires unevenly worn out, which leads to higher fuel consumption and lower driving safety. The axis geometry is with a 3D metrology very precisely determined. With modern sensors, various aspects of the axles are examined on a lifting platform. With the reflectors attached to the front and rear axles, the axle geometry can be mapped over a large area, so that optimum fine adjustment is possible. In the event of a misalignment, this is rectified directly by the fitter. More Info there is in our article "everything about tire balancing!".

Longer service life thanks to correct balancing!

Is the mass of the wheel not even Distributed around the axis of rotation, one speaks of an imbalance. This can occur, for example, when braking heavily or when cornering quickly. Wheels should therefore regularly in a specialist workshop are checked for imbalances. In order to balance the wheel, different weights are attached to different places on the rim. This ensures that the wheel runs smoothly. If a wheel is badly balanced, this takes a toll Tires, wheel bearings and suspension significantly stronger and there is increased wear. At the latest when the steering wheel or the entire vehicle vibrates while driving, the wheels should be checked for imbalance. To prevent this from happening in the first place, it makes sense to check it every time you change a wheel.

trembling Steering wheel imbalance Tire balancing Fine balancing What you should definitely pay attention to when changing to summer tires!

Cleaning the wheel hubs: For a perfect fit of the rim!

When changing tires privately, cleaning the wheel hubs is often neglected. The reason is often that the right tools and maintenance materials are not available. Over time, dirt and rust will build up on the wheel hub before the new wheels are fitted should be removed. Thorough cleaning is important for the rim evenly rests on the wheel hub. If the wheel hub is dirty, it can be dangerous Imbalance come. Professional cleaning ensures clean wheel hubs, flat contact surfaces and thus for you optimal fit of the rim. Additionally ensure applied Lubricants Protection and sealing of the wheel hub.

Bike storage: on-site storage

You can avoid them with proper storage in special shelves pressure points, Loss of shape or otherwise Damage on the tires. Become Summer or winter tires If stored improperly, this can lead to damage, which affects the safety and durability of the tires.

Storage of tires Workshop summer winter change e1618231762401 What you should pay attention to when changing to summer tires!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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