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Less noise with a sunroof wind deflector

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A sunroof wind deflector or roof air deflector is a type of canopy made of transparent plastic, which dissipates the wind from the sunroof. It is mounted on the roof of the car and covers it a few inches at the front. As a result, less air swirls in the car because the wind deflector absorbs the wind and previously passes over the roof openings. The ride is quieter and the occupants are not exposed to so much drafts. This allows the sunroof to be kept open even at faster speeds with a relatively low noise level. And even splashing water, insects or dust / dirt through the deflector barely get into the vehicle.

Disambiguation wind deflector

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A sunroof, often called a sunroof, is a window or hatch in the roof of the vehicle. Nowadays it is usually opened electronically at the touch of a button. However, it can also be operated in the traditional way with a crank. In both cases, the window opens by pushing the cover plate completely or partially downwards and then backwards into the roof. Through the open window, light and fresh air can enter the car. Many motorists find this more pleasant than an open side window even though the airflow often barely reaches the backseat of the car. Just like the open side window, a strong wind blows past the window and is broken at the edge of the window. As a result, violent air currents are generated in the car. At slow speeds and high heat, they can bring a welcome cooling. However, the faster the ride gets, the stronger the swirls and then the wind in the car quickly becomes uncomfortable. He blows our faces too hard, takes our breath away or disturbs the view, ruines our hairstyle and can also be dangerous for our health. Especially ear infections and colds are often attributed to draft during the car ride. A wind deflector is mounted in front of the front edge of the sunroof and is very similar to one Wind deflector for the side windows, He breaks the wind and steers him upwards. So the air immediately above the window is quieter and penetrates less in the car.

A sunroof wind deflector for your car?

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If your car has a sun roof and you would like to drive faster with the roof open, purchasing a windbreak can make sense. However, you should bear in mind that it can only help to a limited extent, because it should not prevent fresh air from entering. Since it only covers part of the sun canopy, it is also not an effective protection against rain. When installing your wind deflector, make sure that it fits well. Since it breaks the wind, it is fully exposed to its pressure while driving, even at speeds at which the sunroof itself remains closed. That must not be able to tear it off. It is also very important that it is mounted straight and in the middle and that your car “looks good”. As a structure on the roof, it immediately catches the viewer's eye and attracts attention. If you are not sure that you have the necessary skills, it is better to have the draft shield installed by a professional in the workshop.

Roof deflectors are mostly universal

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    Les escribo desde Santa Cruz - Bolivia, mi duda es instalar o no un deflector en el techo solar, en un viaje casi nunca habro el techo solar, y ademas de fabrica no viene instalado, sera q conviene realmente tener un deflector en el techo? puede almacenar agua y ser un poco perjudicial, pero de fabrica sera q recomiendan su uso?

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