Sustainable foiling? Have 100% sustainable production now!

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sustainable fleet vehicle Sustainable foiling? Have 100% sustainable production now!

Labeling sustainable vehicles? Commercially available films are made of polyethylene or polypropylene, i.e. plastics. Therefore, they are not biodegradable or sustainable. But as a climate-neutral company that cares very much about nature and the environment, SIGNal Design continued to search and found sustainable alternatives! The usual price should of course be maintained. SIGNal design now has 5 different foils in its range, which are available for every possible application. In this way, the customers of the advertising technology company can show the outside world that they care about the environment. And not only on the paper, but also with the materials used.

green lettering / green materials

A label on electric vehicles that indicates e-mobility and the green electricity used is only half as credible if non-recyclable or non-sustainable materials and films were used. Green lettering with green materials, on the other hand, is the motto of SIGNal Design. “We want to do something good for the environment and ensure that our customers' long-term promises can be kept down to the last detail. That is why we have been since 2020 CO²-neutral and now we have a sustainable alternative for every application! ”says CEO Markus Schaeffler of SIGNal Design.

Sustainable showcase Sustainable foiling? Have 100% sustainable production now!

Sustainable machinery that fulfills your wishes!

Only PVC-free film would only be half the solution! Because the conventional UV inks used to print the film should also be recyclable and PVC-free! SIGNal Design has therefore expanded its machine park to include additional latex printing machines. These can accelerate the printing process by up to 25% and print with a water-based latex ink. This means that the printing process is not only more energy-efficient, the ink is also recyclable! Ecological clear lacquer is also possible and is mechanically scratch-resistant.

But the Schwäbisch Hall-based company does not stop at sustainable film!

Prints without dangerous air pollutants are also possible with this sign maker! In addition, only printer cartridges in eco-cartons, which come with a significantly reduced plastic content compared to conventional printer cartridges, are used. That reinforces the sustainability factor again! SIGNal Design promises that the print quality remains the usual brilliant and high quality - at the same price. "Brilliant white printing with up to 260% ink coverage ensures that your message and your imagery are razor-sharp on the film - and then on your branch or your vehicles - comes!"

fleet lettering 2 Sustainable wrapping? Have 100% sustainable production now!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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