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Tip: Switching time reduction via gearbox programming

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Retrofit sequential gearbox Tuning 3 Tip: Shift time reduction via gearbox programming

As a real tuner you are constantly thinking about how to make your vehicle even better, faster and more beautiful. It is not only about the obvious appearance of the professional, but about a complete package of the vehicle. In addition to an individual look, the built-in technology must fit the overall appearance and reflect this. Only in this way will the vehicle be a total work of art and not just a visual one. One aspect is the improvement of the engine and the circuit. Especially in the transmission area, there are some areas that can be optimized and receive much too little attention in view of the often praised chip tuning. In addition to the mechanical improvement, ie the replacement of components, one can also think about the improvement of the control software for the transmission. The factory-provided package of mechanics and software is a compromise to reflect the driving behavior of the vast majority of the population. Here, attention is increasingly paid to acceleration, speed or comfort, but to the perfect symbiosis of these properties. A control software controls the times in which the actuators, relays and other components move. Professionals can adjust and change the reaction times by means of suitable software. The optimization of the automatic transmission is always an individual matter and depends on the respective driving behavior, the location and the personal wishes.

Gearbox control unit tuning chip tuning software tip: Shift time reduction via gearbox programming

Below we will look at gearbox optimization through a software update.


An advantage of the transmission optimization by a changed software control is that this can be implemented by a simple import of a changed computer software. Here, no component has to be removed and installed consuming. Also accounts for the corresponding cost of components. Another advantage is that if the desired effect is unsatisfactory, the software can be deleted or further optimized. It is therefore not a mandatory permanent state. By importing a software, one can adjust his own driving behavior and the desired effect individually. If you want to focus on acceleration or on top speed, this is easily regulated by software. For many models, there are already ready-made programs that can be easily installed on the transmission control unit. For individual wishes, it is best to talk to the programmer / tuner and tries out by means of several test drives the best result for itself.

Gearbox control unit Tuning Chiptuning Software Defect Tip: Shift time reduction via gearbox programming


Disadvantage of the transmission optimization by a software change is that one must rely on the programming ability of the professionals. If you yourself have no experience in programming, so you can make any changes yourself. If the alleged professional also has no idea, this can lead to the exitus of the transmission. In the case of a software update, the warranty service by the manufacturer is waived. Since only the factory program is allowed. The factory tolerances are usually reduced during an upgrade. By changing the transmission behavior, a higher wear and thus a shortened service life of the transmission can take place. This depends on which parameters have been changed and which additional loads affect the components. In principle, all this is comparable to a chip tuning of the engine software. Usually you lose the ride comfort by changing the factory gearbox software, but this is deliberately accepted in order to obtain a different effect. At the end... Shift Time Reduction via Transmission Control Update is a quick and relatively inexpensive option to transfer your individual driving style to the vehicle and gain one or two tenths of acceleration.

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Switching time reduction by software

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