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Syndicate asphalt fever - the event for BMW fans!

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We know that BMW tuning meetings have been attracting car enthusiasts from all over Germany and Europe on a regular basis for many years. And for the weekend after next (Date: Fri, Aug 7, 2020 - Mon, Aug 10, 2020) should actually show the best BMW vehicles with a lot of horsepower, loud exhaust systems and significantly lowering what they can do. But Corona spoiled the fun for us. The planned event "Syndikat-Asphaltfieber 2020" had to be canceled due to the current corona pandemic. The federal government recently decided to extend the ban on major events until August 31, 2020. So the popular “Syndicate Asphalt Fever” died and was postponed to July 08th to 11th, 2021 - in exactly 350 days. Nevertheless, we would like to take this opportunity to briefly explain the Syndikat Asphaltfieber meeting.

Syndicate asphalt fever is more than just a meeting

2018 BMW Syndicate Asphalt Fever3 Syndicate Asphalt Fever the event for BMW fans!

The successful meeting was canceled for 2020, but a new appointment has already been booked for the coming year from July 08th to 11th at the Obermehler-Schlotheim airfield. If you already want to secure a ticket, you can do it online, because the ticket pre-sale on the website has already started. The asphalt fever syndicate would not be so popular if it were not shaped by all the highlights and programs. One of the top highlights is the The Race program. In principle, everyone can take part in the race, which extends over a ¼ mile (402,34 meters) or over a ⅛ mile (201,17 meters). No matter whether you are a professional and want to show off your skills or just want to show off your pimped-up car. Everyone who participates here will definitely be an eye catcher. Incidentally, the winner receives the title “Fastest BMW on planet”. If you want to participate, you should remember to take a helmet with you, because there will be a helmet requirement in the coming year. Furthermore, registration is necessary and a participation fee will also be collected.

EME Photography 2016 BMW Syndicate Asphalt Fever Tuning Meeting 4 Syndicate Asphalt Fever the event for BMW fans!

The drift show and the drift competition are another highlight of the weekend. Because it means - eyes and ears up - and off to the racing mile. This is something for everyone who like video games Grand Theft Auto, City Car Driving, Casino777 or Beam MG Drive, to like. Here too, if you want to join in to show everyone else the vehicle, you should register in advance. It is also possible that you register as a passenger if you do not have your own car or do not want to use your jewelry. There will also be a so-called Show Stage at the Syndicate Asphalt Fever. Here you can also register now to get the best seat so that you can present your BMW or Mini best in front of everyone. But keep in mind that only a certain number of cars can be registered. If you want to apply, you just have to fill out a form and you're done. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who can exhibit your vehicle centrally.

there is also a dynamometer

In Germany there are relatively few dynamometers for a quick performance test without registration, long journeys or high fees. But on that Syndicate asphalt fever meeting, you will find one and have a unique chance to have the performance of your vehicle measured. Of course, everyone who is interested has the opportunity to attend the exam and admire the result of their ambition and your efforts directly. Overall, the exam will take around 8 to 15 minutes and will cost around 40 euros. All vehicles up to 1.000 HP can be measured on the test bench. Unfortunately, it is not possible to test vehicles in which the four-wheel drive cannot be deactivated and, unfortunately, even isolated vehicles with automatic transmissions cannot be measured. And of course a dealer mile shouldn't be missing either. Dealers from all over Europe come to the event to present BMW vehicles, but of course also to sell tuning parts.

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