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Access to the pickup bed - the tailgate step!

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Tailgate step T Step Man Step Tuning e1582617264724 Access to the pickup bed the tailgate step!

What a great SUV rear ladder is, this is the entry aid for the pickup. While you can easily reach the loading area with a small pickup, this is anything but easy with larger vehicles such as the F-150 from Ford, the Dodge Ram or with higher vehicles. An often installed accessory is therefore the tailgate step. This offers a more comfortable ascent into the trunk. It is installed on pick-ups, vans and smaller buses with an interior loading area. Another term that is often heard is the Man Step.

Installation is done quickly

Tailgate step T Step Man Step Tuning 2 e1582617415355 Access to the pickup loading area the tailgate step!

The installation can be done by practically anyone who knows a little about cars and the subject of "screwing". The simplest method is to simply screw a foldable step onto the top edge of the rear bumper. It doesn't look that good, but it does the job perfectly. Of course, you should make sure that the screw connection is not only fixed in the plastic, but in a metal support underneath. The manufacturer of the step usually provides more detailed information. A nicer-looking method can only be installed with pick-ups: the tailgate is cut open at the top edge and a foldable ladder is sunk into this space. That looks a lot tidier and also has a higher quality. Alternatively, there is also a possibility that is simply screwed onto the upper edge of the tailgate and folded inwards when not in use. And also the method of hanging it on the Trailer hitch is common and widespread.

more and more pickups equipped with it

Tailgate step T Step Man Step Tuning 3 e1582617467220 Access to the pickup loading area the tailgate step!

The helpful level was laughed at a few years ago because it was not really necessary. At that time it was still easy to climb onto the loading area, since the cars (at least in this country) were still a lot smaller. But nowadays this is no longer the case, as a Mercedes X-Class or a VW Amarok are stately boxes in which it is hardly possible to climb without a step. The stage has therefore been installed in some pick-ups for a good 10 years. But not for everyone. In the meantime it has become an almost necessary equipment for good pickups. A tailgate step installed as standard, of course, looks a lot better and often works more comfortably and generally better, since it can even be operated electronically in some cases. The level is not a real tuning option, but it makes everyday life much easier, especially for people who need their pickup almost every day. The stage does not offer any optical improvements either, but the function is all the better for that.

normally fully approved

A self-built step is basically legal if, for example, it can be folded inwards and only screwed onto the tailgate. The step must therefore be folded in while driving and must not protrude. If this is not the case, there is a safety risk for other road users. For retrofittable steps that are rigid, you should inform yourself in advance whether one general operating permit is supplied, an entry is required or the level is generally not permitted for road traffic. The manufacturers and every test organization such as TÜV, KÜS or Dekra provide information about this. The price is usually affordable. It can be purchased from various online shops. You can install them yourself on the one hand or by a workshop. In conclusion, the tailgate step is a very good upgrade for people who need their pick-up very often and are looking for easier access to the cargo area. The level is remarkable, above all due to the low price and practicality, to make it easier to climb onto the loading area.

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Tailgate step T Step Man Step Tuning 4 e1582617719885 Access to the pickup loading area the tailgate step!

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  1. Come posso avere il gradino salita per il Ford ranger raptor

  2. My brother bought a pickup truck but is annoyed that it is so difficult to get onto the loading area. Good to know that there is a simple solution to this problem called a tailgate step. I will advise him to have this special pick-up accessory installed so that he can easily get onto the loading area in the future.

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