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Even today still in demand - the original Talbot rearview mirror

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Talbot Mirror Ball Mirror Tuning 1 e1560756889284 Even today the original Talbot rearview mirror is in demand

The Talbot mirror always causes confusion, because the mirror has nothing to do with the car brand Talbot. The company Talbot was a 1979 to 1993 existing car brand from France which belonged to the PSA Group (Peugeot / Citroën). The company was run in the tradition of the 1959 manufacturer. Known vehicles were the Talbot Alpine, the Avenger, the Horizon or the Solara and the Tagora. But now to the Talbot mirror from Berlin, This is a rearview mirror, which is very conspicuous by its shape and visually and technically would have fitted to any Talbot vehicle.

Talbot mirror and the special features

Talbot Mirror Ball Mirror Tuning 2 e1560756939458 Even today the original Talbot rearview mirror is in demand

If you are looking for the original, you will quickly find it, although the mirror has some special features. On the one hand, there is its very special shape, which is more reminiscent of the 50s. However, these mirrors are still very popular today, which is why they are still mounted today. And the original mirror can not only be recognized by its special shape, but “almost always” also by the green dot on the upper side. If a mirror has this point, it's a real Talbot mirror. But an original Talbot mirror does not necessarily have this green dot! The brand name was stamped at this point on older specimens. So there were also original Talbot mirrors without a green dot. Some still call it "spherical mirror" but there are no other official names for this mirror. Incidentally, it is not only available in chrome from other manufacturers, but in a wide variety of colors. The original was chrome-plated and was attached to the fender. This can still be screwed on as an additional mirror. And with a special device it is possible to attach the Talbot mirror to the door. Today, this mirror is more of an additional beautiful piece of equipment on classic vehicles. But the mirror used to have another important meaning, because mostly there were only rear-view mirrors on the driver's side. Thus, the Talbot mirror could also be attached to the passenger side and brought a certain comfort and more security. Absolutely unthinkable today! Nowadays, rear-view mirrors are installed on both sides, which of course is for safety.

To date, a large selection

Talbot Mirror Ball Mirror Tuning 3 e1560757034723 Even today the original Talbot rearview mirror is in demand

But the small mirror has lost none of its attractiveness until today, but today it is still often bought. Alone the look is really special here, so that a car can be very pleasant. The attachment is simple, because always everything important can be bought immediately. Thus, the Berlin company has managed to create something timeless from a vintage car mirror. An additional mirror that really has a lot of charm and is still very practical. Of course there is the so-called Talbot mirror, as already mentioned, on from other companies, where the green dot is missing. If you prefer the original, you should pay close attention to this point. The chrome rearview mirror is something very special and its popularity still exists today. At the end... Although the Talbot mirror is a true classic, it is still very popular. The simple attachment is another advantage, as well as its extravagant appearance. Previously an important accessory, today just an additional mirror. But one thing makes the Talbot seal until today, he provides a better view to the rear.

Talbot rearview mirror in trend

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Talbot Mirror Ball Mirror Tuning e1560757108292 Even today the original Talbot rearview mirror is in demand

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  1. An original Talbot mirror does not necessarily have a green dot!
    In the case of older specimens, the brand name was coined exactly at the point where the green dot is later.
    So there are also original Talbot mirrors without a green dot.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Matthias Hubbert

    • Hello Matthias,

      Thank you very much for your info. We'll adjust that 🙂

      Sincerely yours,
      Thomas Wachsmuth
      Breitenbrunner street 11
      08359 Breitenbrunn

  2. Talbot mirrors are no longer regularly new to buy. You have to search for them on classic car markets or buy them on eBay at a high price. The assembly is irreversible because you have to drill two holes (approx. 6-7 mm) in the fender or bonnet. Incidentally, the Talbot mirror was installed ex works on the BMW 2000 CS (the right one came for DM 29 extra charge) and on the BMW 1600 GT.

  3. I have been searching and searching for the value of a Talbot 333.TSQ sport black mat RV mirror new in original box. No one seems to even have a clue of what it is. Can anyone help?

  4. Hello, a few years ago I saved original Talbot 333 mirrors (with a green dot) from being scrapped by a colleague ... they were very dirty and covered with paint, but when I cleaned them, diamonds that were as good as new came out underneath.
    I then bolted them to my 1967 Mustang Fastback, which didn't have a right side mirror.

    My question: On which vehicles were these mirrors originally installed?

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