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What is a Targa conversion and when is it possible to do it on the car?

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Targa conversion Targa roof targa roof tuning e1593152398795 What is a Targa conversion and when is it possible on the car?

Targa is an Italian term that can be translated as “shield”. For example, Porsche uses the term Targa in connection with some car models like the Targa 4S. And Targa is a trademark registered by Porsche, but is also used as a description for certain cars from other manufacturers. The Targa note refers to the design of the vehicle, which then has a so-called Targa roof. A Targa roof describes the removable middle section from the roof, as is common with the design of a Targa car.

Difference between Targa and Cabriolet

Targa conversion Targa roof Targa cover Tuning 2 e1593152464670 What is a Targa conversion and when is it possible on the car?

A Convertible not only has a removable roof center section. Another convertible body shape of a vehicle is referred to with the term convertible or convertible for short. These cars can open the roof completely by folding back. Convertibles are often based on the coupé variant of a series. Basically, they are similar to the closed versions. But they differ greatly in the design of the self-supporting body, which also applies to the Targa. The missing roof pillars as a load-bearing component are not entirely present in the convertible. They have to be compensated by a reinforced floor assembly. And with a convertible, the rear window is not permanently installed, but moves (sunk) with the soft top. In the case of a Targa, the middle part of the roof can be removed, but the rear window is permanently installed.

How is a Targa roof constructed?

Targa conversion Targa roof Targa cover Tuning 3 What is a Targa conversion and when is it possible on the car?

A Targa roof has a removable roof center part. The roof is completely removable between the B-pillar connection and the windshield frame. The design was introduced by Porsche in the 1965 series in 911. The Targa construction is not only used by Porsche in the 911 Targa, other manufacturers are also adopting similar concepts. In the Chevrolet Camaro of the 1993 to 2002 series, for example, a web remains between the B-pillars and the windshield frame. This creates two halves of the roof that can be removed together or individually. This shape is known as a top-T or T-tops. Another, similar shape was designed by Triumph. The construction called "Surrey Top" has a panoramic rear window that is firmly screwed. The middle part of the roof can be made of metal or softer materials. An example of a Surrey Top vehicle is the Triumph TR4 Roadster, which is available with the top design.

Targa conversion - possible on the vehicle?

GT3 RS Optik Porsche 991 Targa 4 GTS Tuning Mcchip 1 What is a Targa conversion and when is it possible on the car?

A Targa conversion is quite possible for a 911 convertible, for example. In order to convert another vehicle model to a Targa, however, profound changes to the body are often necessary. And even then it is questionable whether the modified construction will even be approved by the TÜV. In addition, the cost-benefit factor should be considered before converting another vehicle to a Targa. A 911 convertible, on the other hand, can be converted into a Targa with a special hardtop construction. GTN-Automotive is the name of a company in Baden-Württemberg, for example, that offers a Targa conversion kit for a 911 convertible. The conversion kit consists of a polycarbonate and carbon hood. The appearance of the Targa roll bar, as it was previously used in Targa models, is indicated. Like a hardtop, the conversion kit is mounted on the Porsche 911 Cabrio. And also one The 911 GT3 RS is already available as a Targa. The team from Mcchip-DKR. However, the basis here was a 911 Targa that was simply equipped with GT3 RS components. But the idea is good as we think!

Targadach - a small conclusion

The Targa roof is a construction developed by Porsche and has been used in many 911 models. Targa became a registered Porsche brand and tuners still appreciate the 911 Targa look. In the case of a Targa construction, the middle part of a roof can be removed. The company GTN-Automotive from Germany has developed a conversion kit for 911 convertibles with which a convertible can be converted into a Targa. If you want to convert a coupe into a Targa, you have to make profound changes to the body because the roof lacks stability. It is not certain to what extent such a vehicle will again be approved for road use. There is basically the possibility for every vehicle, but the risk and effort are immense. And maybe one simple sliding or lifting roof yes a better option!

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2020 Porsche 911 1045 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition Tuning What is a Targa conversion and when is it possible on the car?

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What does an appraisal in the automotive and tuning sector bring?

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What is a so-called "test report"?

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What is CoC paper for vehicles?

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