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Short-term license plate insurance - ideal for one-day registrations!

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Mitsuoka Buddy Chevrolet SUV optics Toyota RAV4 5 short-term license plates Insurance ideal for daily registrations!


An Kurzzeitkennzeichen can be applied for at the local registration office. Various documents are required to receive a temporary registration number. In addition to an identity card or passport (including registration certificate) must vehicle registration (registration document) and eVB number. Companies need further documents, such as the business registration. The eVB number serves as proof of valid motor vehicle insurance. Motor vehicle insurance must also be available for vehicles with short-term license plates.

Short-term license plate insurance - take advantage of reputable offers

Short-term license plates are only issued if valid insurance is in place. Insurance for short-term license plates is also known as short-term insurance and is available from various providers on the Internet. When choosing the insurance provider, however, you should definitely pay attention to seriousness. The following is an example of short-term insurance presented in more detail.

Short-term insurance from offers quick and inexpensive insurance. The insurance company advertises that the policyholder has a vehicle rinse after taking out insurance. In order to be able to take out the insurance, only the type of vehicle, the place of validity and the duration of the insurance must be specified. The insurance company offers many payment options and also advertises an invoice and direct debit payment option. When paying by invoice or direct debit, the customer can take out insurance quickly and pay later. Direct payment options are also offered via Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, credit card and SOFORT transfer. Payment in advance is also possible.

quickly get an eVB number

evb number online immediately Short-term license plate insurance ideal for daily registrations!

The insurer sends the necessary eVB number shortly after the contract is signed by SMS and email. You can use the vehicle as a SOFORT allow. This is an option that not many providers offer. The eVB number is required for vehicle registration. The electronic insurance confirmation consists of 7 characters and is a combination of letters and numbers. The insurance company also sends the eVB to the central database together with the information on the policyholder and the details of the vehicle. The evB number can be called up from the registration office via the database and is required, for example, for vehicle registrations and vehicle changes. The introduction of electronic insurance confirmation has simplified the vehicle registration process for customers of an insurance company. The paper consumption could also be reduced.

When will the eVB number be sent?
- Anyone who takes out short-term license plate insurance via will receive an eVB number via SMS and email within a few minutes.

For what period is the eVB activated?
- According to, the eVB number is activated for 15 days and automatically becomes invalid after the period has expired.

Received EVB - what now?
- If the policyholder has received the eVB number, this can be given to the vehicle registration office.

What should you watch out for when taking out insurance with

evb number online immediately 2 short-term license plates insurance ideal for daily registrations!

Anyone who takes out insurance with must specify the type of vehicle. For cars, cars should also be selected. If a trailer, motorcycle, truck or other type of vehicle is to be insured, then "All" must be selected in the menu. An order from can also be canceled. However, a fee will be charged for cancellation. Further information, for example on costs and fees, can be found on the website.

Burnout instructions Kavalierstart short-term license plate insurance optimal for daily registrations!

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