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Bad smells from the air conditioning system! What to do if the ventilation stinks?

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Cleaning the air conditioning Service stinks circulating air 1 e1618225914526 Bad smells from the air conditioning! What to do if the ventilation stinks

Your Bronco comes out of the tuning with new slippers! Or you have given your 911 new spoilers! Maybe you just got yours Sián Roadster push on a good 800 horses! In all of these cases, you have only one wish: Assuming you have been approved for the road, let's take the freeway to test the news! But after a few kilometers you will notice a bad smell coming from the Air conditioning vents flows! Good advice now seems expensive! But it’s not evening yet and there’s enough Tips and instructions on how to deal with this phenomenon and how to get out of it Remove car smell can! But one thing is certain: the smell does not go away on its own and measures must be taken to dissolve it!

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Air conditioning stinks Auto warranty cause Unpleasant smells from the air conditioning! What to do if the ventilation stinks?
How can bad smells from the ventilation slot be avoided!

The air conditioning in the car stinks, what are the causes?

It is not uncommon for a bad smell to escape from the fan shortly after the engine is switched on. Especially at high quality motor vehicle with exquisitely furnished interiors, that's a nuisance, as the stench settles in the seats and inside the roof and doesn't go away if nothing is done about it. But how does it come about? The Air conditioning cools the warm ambient air and this causes condensation to form on the heat exchanger. If it stays moist, it offers an excellent atmosphere for bacteria, germs and fungal spores.

Cleaning the air conditioning Service stinks circulating air e1618225873464 Bad smells from the air conditioning! What to do if the ventilation stinks

These can multiply unhindered in this environment. Since the Heat-exchanger hidden, they do not necessarily notice this process and after a while a worst-case scenario, a kind of carpet forms on this nutrient medium that encrusts over time. Infrequent or irregular use of the air conditioner reinforces this process. And at some point the time will come when these deposits will come off and get into the vehicle interior. The stench then spreads and settles there. In some cases it can Allergies trigger or to Diseases to lead!

Preventive measures against stench from the fan

Air conditioning stinks Auto warranty cause 2 Bad smells from the air conditioning! What to do if the ventilation stinks?

With a little prevention, the effects described can perhaps be avoided. It is helpful to switch off the air conditioning system shortly before switching off the engine. Any remaining liquids are evaporated and deprive the tiny visitors of their livelihood. There are also specialty disinfectant sprays and foams available in specialist shops Hose and an atomizing nozzle should be equipped so that the product can work in the ventilation complex. The can is in the Suction area to activate and activate the air conditioning system. This is normally located in the front of the footwell. Before doing this, you should start the engine, set the blower to maximum speed and close the windows. Then they get out, close the doors and let the product work for about 15 minutes. With this procedure, you can treat the air conditioning system on a regular basis and, in conjunction with the early shutdown, positive results can be expected.

Have the air conditioning cleaned in the car

Unfortunately, the heat exchanger is rarely freely accessible and cannot be reached without special tools. In the event that it stinks and the preventive measures do not work, unfortunately only remains Go to the workshop. In this way you can be sure that experts will take care of your problem, who usually know what to do. Especially if extensive assembly work should be necessary. A special cleaning fluid is sprayed onto the heat exchanger via an assembly hatch. This removes the polluters, destroys them and rinses them off. At the same time, a protective film forms, which makes it more difficult for the pests to resettle. With the Exchange of the pollen filter ensure that clean and clear air can flow into the interior of your car again.

Cleaning the air conditioning system and the entire ventilation complex can take up to an hour and it is therefore advisable to integrate this work as a component in a longer maintenance interval. In any case, before the upcoming vacation trip, you should make sure that the ventilation system is clean so that you do not expose yourself to unpleasant and health-endangering influences! This is especially true if small children are accompanying you on your trip!  Tip: This is how the perfect car interior cleaning succeeds.

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  1. I definitely have to clean my car because the air conditioning in the car is muffled. Good to know that by replacing the pollen filter, new and fresh air can get into the car. I will have an expert do this.

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