The sports brake system - with more power indispensable

A sports brake system provides more performance when braking and is at a higher engine power by tuning (eg Chiptuning) practically essential. The standard brake system will then probably no longer meet the requirements. There are sports brake systems for every vehicle.

What is important for a sports brake system?

The purpose of use determines the choice of the appropriate sports brake system. The main goal is to improve braking performance, but also the improved appearance plays a role. Last but not least, it has to be decided whether the sports braking system has to meet the requirements of road or motor sport use. The optimization of the brake system is possible in various ways. A simple and probably cost-effective solution is always to upgrade the brake system to a more powerful model from the same manufacturer (OEM Tuning). An example would be the equipment of a VW Golf V with the larger brake system of a Golf GTI (312 mm brake discs), alternatively that of one Golf R32 (345 mm brake discs plus 1 piston floating caliper). Both conversions are possible without any problems, and this also applies to other brands. Those who need even more braking power, opt for a fixed caliper brake system with 4 up 16 piston (optionally also 6, 8 or 12), which are combined with one- or two-piece brake discs. The brake discs can be slotted, perforated or perforated / slotted in sports brake systems.

Individual look through the sport brake system

The look can also be upgraded significantly with the help of sport brake systems. There are many color combinations possible. The calipers and even the pots of two-piece brake discs can be anodized in color. The systems are very safe, including Stahlflex brake lines. These offer a longer service life with best performance.

The expert setup

The right expert setup is through optimal Brake pads given that can be tailored to the braking behavior and the intended use. This allows you to get maximum performance from the brake system. This is mandatory especially when used in motorsport. But with every increase in performance, the brake system must be adjusted. This also works regularly because there is a large selection of brake systems. However, specialist advice and professional installation are always recommended, otherwise there is a risk of inoperability. An expensive bad buy can also be avoided through specialist advice. A professional approach is crucial solely because of the approval requirements, otherwise the vehicle falls through the next HU. Among other things, the sports brake system has to be coordinated with the ABS and the ESP.

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