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Sentences like "It doesn't get any greener!" and "Get out and push, then you're faster" are not uncommon behind the wheel when it comes to a particularly choleric type of driver. But there are also those who are relaxed. Who don't seem to get upset and who try to stay positive even in traffic jams. An overview of the different types of drivers and their characteristics.

Type 1: Level-headed

20220810 driver types 01 E1660297433797A1 towards Hamburg, rush hour. Nothing works anymore. And then a small truck tries to push ahead. "Oh, leave him alone," the level-headed driver thinks to himself at such moments and even makes way considerately. Even in tricky situations, excitement is always a foreign word; instead, rational explanations for the behavior of other road users are sought. "He must have been in a hurry or he's stressed," says the occasional comment on what's going on. rush, rush? Foreign words for this type of driver.

Type 2: Hysterical

20220810 driver types 02 E1660297055953The complete opposite of type 1. Impatience, hecticness and impulsiveness characterize the driving style of these drivers. Highway sneak? Out of the way. If necessary, also with the help of rear-end maneuvers or repeated headlight flashers. Elephant races between two trucks on a two-lane federal highway can quickly get on the nerves of the hysteric. Every millisecond of time saved counts - even if you see the others again at the latest at the next traffic light.

Type 3: Know-it-all

20220810 driver types 04 E1660297112534Changing lanes, zipping, keeping your distance - all these topics are part of this guy's standard repertoire. He seems to know the road traffic regulations inside out and originally wanted to be a traffic cop. "Well, I would have pulled that out now" is a sentence that is used extremely often. At the motorway service station, know-it-alls like to philosophize about vehicles driving in and their – of course not legally compliant – loading of holiday luggage in the trunk. If only everyone knew that much.

Type 4: Ambitious

20220810 driver types 03 E1660297106574A two-lane street in the middle of a German inner city. Speed ​​limit 50. The traffic light is red. Just a few seconds and the ambitious type of driver can finally show what's in their own vehicle. The foot already on the gas pedal, an impatient look at the traffic light and the car in the lane next door. Yellow, green, go - true to the motto: always be the first and the fastest. Overtaking maneuvers by others are acknowledged with a countermove. Such “setbacks” are not something one likes to put up with.

Type 5: Insecure

20220810 driver types 05 E1660297117932"Am I really coming in here?" the insecure man asks himself when looking at the entrance to the underground car park. Or the parking space. It's better to drive around the block once more to find a more spacious place and thus have less stress. Apparently harmless overtaking maneuvers on the freeway or simply in city traffic unnerve the insecure type. He therefore prefers to drive well-known routes and prefers to be on the road at times when the roads are emptier. Driving alone is also consistently avoided.

Type 6: Showing off

20220810 driver types 06 E1660297123437This type of driver attaches great importance to the appearance of their own vehicle. Hours are spent in the garage at the weekend, for example to polish the latest rims to a high gloss and then present them at a drive. Show-offs love fast driving just as much as slow cruising through the city center, accompanied by loud music and booming bass – after all, the car should really come into its own. Other cars are mildly smiled at, because "your own is the most beautiful".

Type 7: Ignorant

20220810 driver types 07 E1660297130510Consideration? Never heard. The ignorant among the motorists see little or nothing. Giving way to others, using the turn signal when overtaking or leaving the middle lane when everything on the right is clear – none. You are next to yourself. To the chagrin of other road users. "I swear to get better" - a sentence that one would probably like to hear from you. Perhaps with a view to the next zipper procedure. Photo credit: Seat

SEAT Tarraco 125

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