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How do I install a third brake light in the vehicle?

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third brake light tuning How do I install a third brake light in the vehicle?

In the following we would like to exemplary the process for installing a third brake light to explain. This has long been standard in current vehicles and through various LED light strips partly overtaken by brand new vehicles, but there are still many old cars that do not have a third brake light. Yes, first of all a few information about the legal side. Regarding the brake light there are some regulations that are contained in the §53 StVZO recorded are: The brake light of a car or a trailer consists of at least two To shine. These must be extreme End of the vehicle and also fixed be installed. Section 53 (2) sentence 1 also states that the brake light red have to be. The regulation has existed since 1998 76/756 / EEC in combination with ECE-R48, whereby at New cars a third brake light mandatory is. The third brake light is one raised Brake light and is located in the middle of the rear.

What options for additional brake lights?

If your vehicle is just over two Has brake lights, it's not a problem one straight to retrofit. In addition to the third brake light, another one can also be installed Pair of lights possible. For the later Approval by TÜV but it is extremely important that the third brake light higher sits than the pre-existing lights. So must she center and fixed be mounted. As for the place of assembly, this is both Interior (for example behind the rear window) as well as Outside (possibly under / on the rear spoiler) permitted on the vehicle. If you choose to install a more Have decided on a pair of luminaires, this must be at least a meter across the street. In this case, too, the pair can be placed inside or outside.

additional brake lights third brake light e1611998156254 How do I install a third brake light in the vehicle?

in addition: According to STVZO you are allowed to have a third brake light just then mount if your vehicle can not be already has two additional brake lights. So this is where you have to make a decision if you plan to install a third brake light. Five brake lights at the rear are not allowed.

Retrofitting the third brake light!

The installation of the third brake light is natural depending on the vehicle differently. In any case, the accessory should have a E-registration have. A variant with LEDs is of course more recommendable than a lamp with a Halogen bulb. Alternatively, there are also whole Light strips that can be installed. In either case is a Approvals for legal operation necessary. The installation of a lamp from the accessories can be done relatively quickly with a double sided tape be carried out in the area of ​​the rear window. Of course, the rear window should be in the area of ​​the brake light not darkened so that the luminosity is 100%. In this case the foil must of subsequently tinted windows possibly accordingly cut out will. At factory darkened windows on a vehicle without third brake light We recommend installing it outdoors. For example on a possible Rear- or roof spoiler.

Depending on the vehicle, the additional brake light directly to the existing brake-lights in the taillight affiliated will. Means Electricity thieves it would be the simplest option. As a rule, the responsible fuse and the cables can use the Additional burden problem-free from. Older vehicles should also none Error message appear. With regard to the connection, you should still have a Specialist workshop advice be obtained. The many vehicle types are simply too different to be one blanket statement to be able to meet

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