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Does it make sense to own a TIG welding machine?

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TIG welding machine welding gas e1607063367703 Does it make sense to own a TIG welding machine?

What is TIG welding? If you deal with the subject of welding, you will quickly come across the TIG welding method. But what is behind this popular method? If you translate the above abbreviation, it already gives some clues as to how welding works and what distinguishes it from other methods. TIG stands for Tungsten and inert gas. In this type of welding, the hot light, with which the metal is melted and cleanly cut, burns between a resistant tungsten electrode and the material to be processed. In addition, the whole process is surrounded by a protective gas that prevents chemical reactions between the molten material and the air. This creates particularly clean edges.

Advantages & disadvantages of TIG welding!

TIG welding machine welding gas 1 Does it make sense to own a TIG welding machine?

An clear advantage of this welding method is that sensitive metals can also be processed with it. Although titanium, for example, is quite gas-sensitive, TIG welding does not cause any problems here. In addition, the weld seam is very clean and not frayed or uneven as with some other methods. This optimizes the look and there is no risk of injury. Another advantage is the variety of possible uses. With other welding methods, thicker and more stable materials can be processed. With TIG welding, on the other hand, it is also possible to process thinner metal plates and even pipes. But as with everything, there are a few disadvantages with TIG welding that you have to weigh against the advantages before using it. The disadvantages include the slow welding speed. In addition, any rust must be removed before working on the metal in order to get a perfect result.

In which areas is TIG welding often used?

TIG welding machine welding gas 2 Does it make sense to own a TIG welding machine?

Like the other welding methods, TIG welding is often used when it comes to repairing Cars and other vehicles goes. Most of the time you drive straight to the car mechatronics technician, but you often spend a lot more money here than trying to fix the problem yourself. If you get your own TIG welding machine and have some practice in this area, you can save yourself some costs and tinker with your vehicle yourself. A common example is his Weld the exhaust yourself. It doesn't require much effort and is quite straightforward. Due to the many possible uses of one TIG welding machine and the high quality it produces, the method is used in many workshops and factories.

Which TIG welding machines are there?

Since the areas in which the welding method is used are very diverse and broad, there are also various TIG welding machines available on the market in order to have the right one for every use. There are some categories and criteria according to which the individual devices can be compared with one another. One point is the hose length, for example. A longer hose means more freedom of movement and flexibility in the workplace. The length varies between 2 and 4 meters. There are also significant differences in size and weight. With TIG machines that weigh 16 kg, it becomes very strenuous after a certain amount of work. On the other hand, there are the handier and lighter devices. One point that many welding machines differ in is the ability to machine aluminum. Although TIG welding is suitable for many materials, aluminum cannot be processed with all devices.

TIG welding machine welding gas 3 Does it make sense to own a TIG welding machine?

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