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Retrofit the pickup with a tilting loading area!

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Tilting loading surface, side tipper, roll-off tipper Retrofit the pickup with a tilting loading surface!

Pickups are characterized by an open loading area, which enables the transport of all kinds of heavy things. But the loading area is usually not tiltable, but rather rigidly installed. The question therefore arises whether it is possible to retrofit a tilting loading area with a pickup. In the following, the retrofitting of the movable loading area on the pickup is discussed and it is explained how such retrofitting can work.

Pickup - retrofit tiltable loading area

Tilting loading surface, side tipper, roll-off tipper 4 Retrofit the pickup with a tilting loading surface!

A pickup already has a loading area with which heavy items can be transported from A to B. The vehicles are used as commercial vehicles and are used, for example, in landscaping and horticulture. Private individuals also rely on pickups to drive an American-style car, for example. But of course there are pickups from other companies and not just from American car manufacturers. Nissan, Mercedes or Volkswagen, for example, offer pickups that can be converted by specialized workshops so that they have a tilting loading area. In order to meet customer requirements, tilting loading areas can almost always be retrofitted with a pickup. The classic tipper is well received by customers and offers many advantages. In addition to a classic tipper, a pick-up can also be made from a pickup truck. It depends on the vehicle and the workshop, what is possible and feasible.

Tiltable loading area - how is it retrofitted?

Tilting loading surface, side tipper, hookloader 7 e1583732016678 Retrofit the pickup with a tilting loading surface!

Specialist and tuning workshops that specialize in retrofitting pickups and other vans can, depending on the workshop, offer the retrofitting of a tilting loading area. An intermediate frame is often made to fit for retrofitting. The intermediate frame should be hot-dip galvanized or otherwise refined in order to be robust and permanently weatherproof. For retrofitting, the pick-up's platform has to be dismantled and the new, precisely fitting intermediate frame installed. In addition to the frame, a telescopic cylinder and an electro-hydraulic unit are also installed. The electro-hydraulic unit must be connected to the vehicle battery in order to be operated. The driver's cab is then usually equipped with a remote control that enables the newly installed loading area of ​​the pickup to be tilted. Alternatively, a control system can be installed on the outer area near the loading area to enable operation. Fixed installation in the center console is also feasible. However, the portable remote control is particularly practical. After installing the components mentioned, the previously dismantled work platform is reassembled on the vehicle and combined with the upper part of the intermediate frame for this purpose.

Tiltable loading area - remote control can be used in many ways

A tilting loading area should function perfectly and should be easy for the driver to operate. The tilting surface can be raised and lowered using a remote control, as the driver desires. As a rule, the retrofit variants for pickups are also equipped with an emergency stop button, which is activated in an emergency. In addition to the equipment mentioned, there are also variants that emit an additional signal when the driver tries to drive off with the loading area tilted. The signal should warn accordingly and enable the driver to have the loading area of ​​the retrofitted pickup under control at all times. The system should also be able to recognize when an overload has occurred. Then the loading area can no longer be tipped over and damage, which can even lead to the vehicle falling over, is prevented. You should first discuss which function the loading area should have. Do you just want a simple tilting loading area, or should it be a side tipper or maybe even a three-way tipper? A specialist workshop for pickup conversions can explain what is possible.

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Tilting loading surface, side tipper, roll-off tipper 5 Retrofit the pickup with a tilting loading surface!

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