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Time Attack - the hunt for the fastest lap!

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time attack timeattack racing tuning Time Attack the hunt for the fastest lap!

The term Time Attack stands for a special kind of motorsport in which the one wins, who completes the fastest lap. Time Attack is one of the Automobile sport. Depending on what time you drive in qualifying, you become the final of the so-called Hotlap authorized. During the time attack, the classic factors renounced from racing. So there is no starting grid or covering a distance like in Drag Racing. There is also no such thing as a certain time, only that Driving against time. The biggest difference from others time-dependent events such as the hill climb is that the races are based on Circuits take place and can be driven in the so-called "Open Pitlane mode" up to the finals. The Open Pitlane mode means that the participating drivers can use the route freely for the entire duration of the event.

Time Attack races come from Japan

The origin of the Time Attack races lies in Japan. The most important race track for this was the so-called Tsukuba Circuit. It is not entirely clear whether the races started in the 60s or not until the 80s. At the first events, it was seen as the perfect opportunity to get around the Durability and effectiveness of tags on the vehicle (e.g. by means of Engine tuning) to test on a racetrack. Due to the similarities to tuning, the races are often with road tires hazards.

time attack timeattack racing tuning japan Time Attack the hunt for the fastest lap!

also known in other countries

Since its origins in Japan, Time Attack races have continued to spread. Among others in Finland, Great Britain, New Zealand, USA, Sweden and the Netherlands. Since 2013 there has also been the "German Timeattack Masters". In the USA the "Global Time Attack Events“Hosted. In New Zealand races of this type are run under the name "New Zealand Superlap Series". In most countries, the events are run as a championship.

In the Sydney Motorpark there is once a year the "Yokohoma World Time Attack Challenge". Not only national but also international teams take part there and have the chance to race against other teams under the same conditions. At the weekend there is a route on which only vehicles equipped with Yokohoma semi-slicks are allowed to ride.

Regulations and classifications differ mainly in the different countries

A common one Klassifizierung is the division of aerodynamic modifications. These can be very close to the production vehicle or very extensively modified. It is not uncommon for inexpensive road vehicles to be so heavily modified that they can compete with GT3 vehicles. Further subdivisions are often made according to the respective racing series. Credo is a term there that allows everything that is not forbidden. Since the "German Timeattack Masters" and the "Dutch Timeattack Masters“Ride together at the TT Circuit Assen at least once a year, they have adjusted their regulations.

time attack timeattack racing tuning japan 2 Time Attack the hunt for the fastest lap!

And sometimes it's common for last year's winners to automatically advance to the next class. What is critical here is that too fast vehicles in one class are banned and they cannot keep up in the next class. The sequences of the series are different depending on the country and regulations. A qualifying for the above Hotlap there are, however always. In the final, the one who wins in a round takes the shortest time. This then results in the placement at the event.

time attack timeattack racing tuning japan 3 Time Attack the hunt for the fastest lap!

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Time Attack Monster 1.500 HP Audi R8 Coupe Time Attack the hunt for the fastest lap!

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