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A solid foundation - tinning car body parts!

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Tinning body soldering Soft soldering e1580801577503 A solid foundation Body parts on the car Tinning!

If there is an accident damage to the car, it may be necessary to replace a sheet metal part because the damage cannot be repaired in any other way. About very deep bumps or scratches. And even if you want to drive a much wider wheel-tire combination, it can happen that extensive changes to the body (Widening of the wheel arches) must be made. Tin can be the solution here! The tinning technique is also used in other measures. Practically always when unevenness on the body of a car is to be removed or where there is a need to protect it from corrosion, i.e. the formation of rust. Overlapping sheets can also be tinned to protect them from rust permanently. Tinning is therefore an important technique in body construction in order to compensate and seal unevenness after repair work on the affected areas. Work must be done carefully here so that the tinned area can withstand shocks, impacts and shocks.

Tinning - How does it work?

Tinning Body Soldering Soft Soldering 2 A solid foundation Body parts on the car Tinning!

Fine hairline cracks often develop on butt edges or weld seams, into which moisture can penetrate and the rust then begins to eat into the body. These areas should be tinned. So the processed area with a wire brush (Alternatively flex, sandblasting etc.) finely sanded and cleaned with silicone remover. This step is indispensable for tinning and work should be done thoroughly here. There must be no rust, dirt, grease etc. on the component. Then the tinning paste is applied, which forms the binder between the sheet and the tin. If this does not bind well due to an unclean or greasy surface, the tinned surface can peel off later and there is again an attack surface for rust. The tin paste is heated after application and smeared with a rag. In this process you can already see how clean the work was. Because now there is no continuous, silver-colored shiny surface, but if there are dark spots, this process must be undone and repeated. The tin rod is then heated until a mass is formed that is easy to distribute. Now the actual tinning begins. The tin solder flows into all crevices and crevices and closes the surface. This is followed by further work steps that shape the tin. After appropriate post-processing, the body can be processed in these areas and painted again. The substrate has been tinned tightly and continuously.

Tinning sets

Tinning Body Soldering Soft Soldering 3 A solid foundation Body parts on the car Tinning!

Everyone can get so-called tinning sets in the trade and thus carry out minor repair work themselves. They contain everything you need for tinning: acid-free tinning paste, tin sticks, wooden spatula, linseed oil and files. A mouthguard should still be obtained, even if you have chosen low-lead tin and paste. Instructions are also included in the sets for successful tinning. However, beginners should probably practice the work of tinning on test pieces before they start working on the body. At this point it should also be mentioned that tin is not very cheap and therefore the tinning sets have their price. Especially those who have little experience with the material tin will consume some tin sticks.

"The tin of life"?

And of course, after tinning, the machined body part is far from being finished. After that, the actual bodywork often begins with a smooth surface. Depending on how clean you have worked with the tin, it may be necessary to sand it down and then fill it, fill it with primer, varnish and finish it with a suitable polishing paste. If all steps are carried out correctly, there should be no more visible damage or the widened wheel arch looks like it comes directly from the factory.

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