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What you need to know about electric car tires!

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Whether rolling resistance, grip, load capacity or rolling noise, we will tell you everything about the topic in this article Electric car tires. Which Features do tires for electric cars actually have? Tires that are used for electric cars must have special properties. These include, for example, a small one rolling resistance, a high Tragfähigkeit and a little noise. Due to the steadily increasing demand for electric cars, more and more tire manufacturers are bringing new tires onto the market, which especially for e-cars were developed. In principle, e-cars can be equipped with the same tires as conventional vehicles without any problems, but if you want to benefit from the advantages of an e-car, such as low power consumption, etc., then you must equip the e-car with special tires .

In this article we explain the most important points regarding the tires of e-cars!

A low rolling resistance of the tires increases the range of an e-car: In order to achieve the longest possible range, the tires of an e-car should have low rolling resistance. Therefore, tires for an electric car usually have a large diameter and a relative one narrow tread. In addition, the rolling resistance can also be achieved with a special rubber compound or a covered substructure of the vehicle can be minimized.

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While a normal summer tire has a rolling resistance of between 7 and 9 kg / t, eco or low-friction tires only have a value of 6,5 kg / t or even less. But what range gain can be achieved through the lower rolling resistance? If the rolling resistance is reduced by 1 kg / t, you can achieve between three and four percent calculate. An Opel Corsa E with a range of approx. 240 kilometers could thus gain a range of 10 kilometers, while a Tesla Model S with a range of approx. 500 km even Would gain 20 km in range.

Consistent safety even with low rolling resistance:

Can tires that have been specially built to achieve low rolling resistance also have the same safety standards as normal tires? Basically, there is of course a trade-off between low rolling resistance and perfect grip. Therefore, a good compromise has to be found in the manufacture of the tires. Thanks to increasingly better rubber compounds, an energy-efficient tire can now also be produced without any problems, which also guarantees good grip.

Electric Car Tires E Auto Car Tires 3 What You Need To Know About Electric Car Tires!

Robust treads prevent tire wear:

Compared to conventional cars, electric cars are quite heavy and have one right from the start high torque. For this reason, the tires of an electric car can wear out faster than a diesel or gasoline engine. In principle, however, the closure must be viewed in a more differentiated manner, because it plays a greater role in a car with two tons and a lot of horsepower than it does in a small Corsa. In addition, the driving style of the owner and the rubber compound used have a decisive influence on the actual tire wear.

Due to their weight, e-cars require a high load-bearing capacity of the tires:

An electric car can quickly weigh a few hundred kilograms more than a comparable combustion engine. Therefore, the tires must have a higher load capacity exhibit. When buying tires, always pay attention to the correct load index, which is in the Registration Certificate Part I is listed, or can be requested directly from the vehicle manufacturer. In addition, the Tire pressure adhered to and checked, as the Tire pressure has an effect on the load capacity of the tires. If the tire pressure is too low, the rolling resistance and the wear erhöhen.

Electric Car Tires E Auto Car Tires 4 What You Need To Know About Electric Car Tires!

Lower tire rolling noise ensures greater driving comfort:

Since an electric motor is logically quieter than an internal combustion engine, tire noises in an electric car perceived more strongly. However, a higher level of driving comfort can be achieved through low-noise running surfaces. Above all, vibrations in the tire cavity have a decisive influence on the noise generated by the tires. These vibrations can go through Foam inserts be absorbed on the inside of the tire tread. Many tire manufacturers are already using this solution using polyurethane sponges. At Pirelli the solution is called "Noise Canceling System" designated. At Continental it runs under the name "ContiSilent".

Electric Car Tires E Car Car Tires What You Need To Know About Electric Car Tires!

Our conclusion: Since the environmental factor plays a decisive role in an electric car, a low rolling resistance essential. At the same time, however, tires for e-cars must also be optimal Safety, a good Grip and a short one Braking distance to guarantee. Many tire manufacturers have skilfully mastered this challenge and therefore now that too EU tire label get awarded.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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