Safety through tire grip - the tire makes the journey!

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There are situations everywhere in which you have to react quickly as a driver, which is why it is important to be able to rely on your vehicle in an emergency. It does not matter whether it is an emergency stop or a serpentine that the tires have to withstand. The decisive factor is that there is good tire adhesion / grip set a link from your homepage to Especially in connection with sporty cars, the safety of good tire grip is often neglected. It is neither the springs nor the shock absorbers that are decisive in such a situation, but primarily the Tires. The optimization of the first mentioned is very popular with sports car drivers, but if, for example, one flies out of the curve during an overtaking maneuver, in most cases it is because the Grip was not or insufficiently available. Forces acting while driving, be it through acceleration, braking or the action of centrifugal forces, are transmitted to the vehicle through the tires transfer. They make everything else possible and guarantee safe adhesion on the road.

Small area - big impact

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The contact area between the tire and the road surface is in relation to the vehicle itself, winzige. It is all the more important to know the effectiveness and the physical processes and to use them optimally. Or to put it figuratively: the abrasion (brake streak when braking sharply) does not only happen when the brakes are applied, but also when you are traveling at normal speed. The amount is much lower, but in the long run, the tires wear out. In the worst case, the resulting, increasingly lacking control leads to an accident. It is therefore essential to be able to use the physics that affect tire adhesion with the road in a practical way.

What happens to tire grip?

When driving arises Friction between the rubber of the tire and the road. This friction depends on several factors and cannot be regarded as a constant. For example, the temperature is just as important as the pressure and the nature of the soil. If the ground is smooth and the vehicle slips easily, approximately the highest level of liability achieved. Strange, but that's how it is! This load limit shows how well or how badly security is guaranteed in such a case. In summer the rubber of the tires heats up and the risk of wear and tear increases. Is the Air pressure in the tires too lowdamage can occur. When it comes to aquaplaning, tire pressure also plays a major role in terms of grip on the road. Another relevant pressure, by the way, is that which keeps the car on the road through centrifugal force, but we will come to that later.

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First and foremost, the level of adhesion of the tire is due to the reaction of the different materials (rubber and floor) with one another. This process will adhesion and basically means nothing else than that the energy generated when rubber and asphalt come into contact is constantly changing due to the speed of the vehicle. As is well known, heat is generated by friction and this in turn deforms the molecules of the rubber, while asphalt has a crystalline structure that is much harder than rubber and therefore does not deform when the two materials come into contact. The wear on the tire therefore increases with increasing speed. The maximum value is reached when the speed difference is approximately 0.03-0.06 meters per second lies.

From theory to practice!

The overtaking maneuver in the curve mentioned earlier in the text can only work successfully if several factors are given. Topic: centripetal force and centrifugal force. The more speed is developed, the higher the centrifugal force that acts on the car. Springs and shock absorbers absorb hard movements, but all of the weight is on the tires. This increases the pressure on the ground.

This means that the pressure is highest in the curve. In order to ensure the maximum result here, the friction between the tire and the asphalt, i.e. the centripetal force, must be just as high. A balance between the two forces can be different cannot be guaranteed. You always have to keep in mind how small or small the friction surface between the road and car tires actually is.

The importance of liability for racing cars

If you look at the big car races like the one at the Hockenheimring, one thing catches your eye. Racing drivers know how great the importance is, because for them it is Traction at the same time the minimization of the safety risk and a guarantee for the cornering speed. About 75% of the preparation of the car for the race is made up of the tires. Only then do the other factors such as suspension settings, brake balance or gearbox ratios and spoilers usually follow. Power and speed that cannot be converted in the corners are of no use to the racing driver. It should of course be obvious that other rubber compounds are used for tires that have to deliver such high levels of performance.

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But different or better rubber compounds mean not automaticallythat the tires also last longer. The harder the tires are, the more so worse is the liability on the road. On the other hand, they last longer than tires with softer compounds. If the tires are soft, the grip is better, but the Abrasion is greaterwhich in turn significantly shortens their service life. So the optimal mixture is allowed neither too hard nor too soft but must have the perfect balance of both. Since the working conditions for such a tire are precisely determined and the tires are standardized, it makes production easier for the manufacturer. This also includes a optimal temperature range, in which a possible wear of the tire moves. That is why there are also different types of tires. Rain tires for rainy weather and Intermediate and for days when it rains only lightly, as well as normal ones racing tires.

Strict regulations for tires on road vehicles!

Logically, the tires for normal cars used in daily traffic, participate in any weather. Since it happens quickly that the weather changes, or you drive into an area with different meteorological conditions, good suitability of the tires must be guaranteed. Therefore, the requirements are not only stricter, but also universally tailored to daily use. The rubber compounds developed for this purpose are improved every year and must show a whole range of behavioral patterns. Among other things, the same great value is paid to the adhesion in the rain as the warming and the abrasion at summer temperatures and the mixture is adjusted and continuously optimized. Safety is always the top priority in manufacturing. The same applies to tires in winter. Specific winter tires are adapted to the weather with ice and snow and significantly reduce the risk of accidents. In practice, however, there are no ideal universal tire that fits all conditions. The development of a tire that works perfectly in a temperature range of +60 ° C to -20 ° C is not (yet) possible.

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