That's why new car tires have dots and colorful lines!

Everyone has probably seen the colored lines on new tires before. But the meaning is unclear to most people. A feature of new tires are colored lines on the profile - Not everyone has these, but many have them and they often serve as security for customers that the tires have never been ridden. Drivers usually don't have to worry about the stripes, but the colorful lines serve an important function for manufacturers. The colored stripes are created during production and storage and are intended to avoid errors in classification. The lines work like special barcodes, which allow the robots to recognize what model it is, how old the tires are and in which factory they were manufactured.

points and bunta lines

But the system is not standardized – each manufacturer has its own, with various markings. There can be all sorts of colors such as green, yellow, red or blue. Thanks to the strips, the machines in the huge tire warehouses can count the products much more quickly and sometimes also pack them automatically for shipping. In return, you can always find everything that is important to the user easy to read on the flank of the tires. Tip: If the new tire doesn't have any stripes, that doesn't necessarily mean it's used.

There are also colored dots on the tire

In addition to the colorful stripes, you can also find them on some tires colored dots on the side, usually in yellow or red. These are there to mark the lightest spot. When assembling the tires should be the points placed above the valve become. And there is also the so-called on rims Match point. This allows the center of gravity of the rim and tire to be optimally aligned, which means less weight for balancing is required. This will prevent vibration problems later. However, the technology is complex and is therefore mainly used in motorsports.

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