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A tire repair kit instead of a spare wheel?

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A tire repair kit instead of a spare wheel?

A flat tire on the car is more than annoying, and that wheel change is not always easy for the inexperienced. Tire repair kits with sealant can help in this situation and have other advantages. A spare is no longer included in every new car. Many manufacturers do without the spare wheel because it is required by law not. According to the ADAC, instead Tire repair kits offered. Because they are lighter, they save space in the trunk and help reduce fuel consumption. Although such a set is not mandatory for drivers, the ADAC believes it makes sense to have such a set with you. Specialist accessory shops offer them in various forms. In the event of a flat tyre, they are generally more practical than a spare wheel. However, they are a long-term solution not. And a professional repair of the tire filled with sealant is then no longer permitted, says the ADAC. In any case, the damaged tire must be removed as soon as possible replaced will. Who are the repair possibility a spare wheel is a better solution.

How it works – tire repair kit

A tire repair kit instead of a spare wheel?

In addition, the sets not all Repair damage caused by a flat tire. Therefore, the damaged area of ​​the tire must first be examined. Only puncture damage in the rubber up to a size of a few millimeters and only on the tread can be sealed with such sealants. Important: If a jammed foreign object is the cause of the breakdown, it may not be removed. If you pull it out, the hole is no longer closed and the tire may be damaged further.

After sealing carefully to the repair shop!

The valve must be down for the repair. If this is not the case, position the vehicle accordingly. The operating instructions provide all the important information on using the tire repair kit. Included are a compressor, sealant and hose for the valve. You are needed. Remove the valve cap, connect the hose to the valve and turn on the compressors one. Then establish the required tire pressure with the help of the compressor after the sealant has been filled. After completing the repair, drive safely, but no faster than 80 km/h (observe the instructions in the manual) to the nearest workshop. Basically similar, only without the compressor sealant from the bottle. The following video shows how these are used.

Repair of vehicle tires

As already mentioned, after using a tire sealant, a professional tire repair by a specialist shop is necessary for various technical reasons no longer permitted. This is the plus point for a conventional spare wheel, because the punctured tire can be transported in the trunk for repairs. If you find a nail or screw in the tread but don't have a puncture, you can drive carefully to the nearest workshop without removing the foreign body. However, you should always keep an eye on the tire pressure. The workshop then checks whether a repair is possible and can be carried out inexpensively.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

In this tuning blog category there are countless guides and instructions for common defects / repairs on the vehicle. Our articles explain in a simple way common defects and the corresponding repairs, as well as explaining how the first signs of a defect become noticeable. As a rule, we also have initial clues to the repair instructions in our repair instructions approximate The costs of the pending repair are listed. The goal of our subcategory “Auto Repair Guide“ is to create a head start in knowledge for the next visit to the workshop with initial tips. This may save you from tedious troubleshooting and small things may even be done on your own based on our explanation. In addition, there are many other articles on the subject of car repairs in stock. Do you want to see them all? HERE are they. And the following is a small excerpt of the last posts on the subject Repair on the vehicle:

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A tire repair kit instead of a spare wheel?

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A tire repair kit instead of a spare wheel?

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A tire repair kit instead of a spare wheel?

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